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Windows 11: support for Android applications will arrive in France

Support for Android applications from Windows 11 will land in five new countries, including France, before the end of the year. Microsoft made the announcement at its BUILD conference.

Windows 11 Android Apps

France will have Android applications on Windows 11

Currently, support is (officially) only available in the US. In a few months, the Amazon Appstore will arrive on Windows 11 and it will be possible to install Android applications in France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. There is not yet a specific date for availability.

Although Android apps are only officially available in the United States, it’s relatively easy to install Windows Subsystem for Android if you’re in another country. If you change your regional settings in Windows, you can easily get it from the Microsoft Store. The biggest challenge is getting the Amazon Appstore itself to work outside of the US, as it only works with US-based Amazon accounts. But it is possible to sideload applications relatively easily in order to bypass the Amazon Appstore.

So we still have to wait a few more months. As said before, Microsoft is not giving a specific date for availability, other than that it will be before the end of 2022.

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