Windows 11: the bug preventing connection is fixed

Microsoft has fixed an annoying bug in Windows 11 that prevented you from logging into your account. It appeared with the optional update which has the reference KB5016691 and which debuted on August 25th.

Windows 11 Logo

As Microsoft explains, the issue only affected users with Microsoft accounts — meaning Active Directory and Azure AD accounts aren’t affected — and only happened if you added a Microsoft account to Windows. 11 after installing the update. Also, the connection problem only happened during the first connection and for a brief moment after restarting the PC or disconnecting the session.

Microsoft quickly released a patch using its Known Issue Rollback tool, which is meant to be a commonly used method for troubleshooting cumulative update issues. This is a minor configuration change that you won’t be able to see, but the issue should be fixed within 24 hours as long as you are connected to the internet. Microsoft says the fix could be applied sooner if you restart your PC, in case you can’t afford to wait.

These types of issues aren’t really a rarity with cumulative updates for Windows. In July, Microsoft had to release another fix for an issue that caused the Start menu to crash. Also, in August, Microsoft acknowledged that an update to Windows 10 was causing issues with sound.

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