Windows 11: the first major update is available (Android applications, taskbar, etc.)

Microsoft is releasing the first big update to Windows 11 today. It includes several new features, including support for Android apps and better for the taskbar.

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What’s New in Windows 11’s First Big Update

Let’s start with the first annoying element: support for Android applications on Windows 11… is currently available in the United States. Microsoft does not explain why it is not accessible in the rest of the world. We imagine that it will happen later, but for the moment only the United States can benefit from it.

The installation of applications is done through the Amazon Appstore. There are a limited number of apps compared to the Google Play Store. But there are ways to install any Android app just like there is a method to unofficially install the Play Store.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Android Apps

Another change concerns improvements for the taskbar. Time and date are available on multiple screens in Windows 11, which was missing at launch. The weather widget also returns to the taskbar with this update, and a new mute and unmute feature in the taskbar is available for calls via Microsoft Teams. You’ll also be able to quickly share the screen of a specific app or window from the taskbar, directly in a Microsoft Teams call.

Microsoft takes the opportunity to change the Notepad and Media Player applications. The interface evolves to better suit Windows 11. Notepad incorporates new methods for multi-step undo, better search, and a dark mode. For its part, the new Media Player replaces Groove Music and Windows Media Player with audio and video playback.

Windows 11 New Interface Dark Mode Notepad

The first big Windows 11 update is available now for download. It is retrieved from Windows Update.

Other changes for the next few months

We must also expect other innovations in the year. “Over time, you’ll see us release new features more frequently in Windows 11 for end users, in addition to our annual update”says Panos Panay, head of Windows and devices at Microsoft. “We will leverage the variety of update mechanisms we have in place, including service and Microsoft Store updates. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation, giving you the best experiences all year round”.

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