Windows 11: the Start menu and taskbar will improve

Windows 11 build 22509 is currently available for testing and provides improvements to the Start menu and taskbar. However, it lacks elements that many people claim, including the ability to drag and drop.

Windows 11 Desktop Official Start Menu

Best for Start menu and taskbar

With the new version, it is possible to right-click on the Start button to quickly access the settings. It becomes possible to display more pinned items or even more recommendations. Of course, those who wish can keep what was offered until now, namely a mix between the two.

Windows 11 More Pins Recommendations Start Menu

On the other hand, when a second monitor is connected, the clock and date are also displayed in the taskbar of the secondary monitor (s). Microsoft specifies that this system is being deployed and that not all people who test the build of Windows 11 will necessarily have it today.

There are also changes to the parameters. Microsoft says it will add more Control Panel items in Windows 11 settings. “We’ve moved advanced sharing settings (such as network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing) to a new page in the Settings app, under Advanced Network Settings.”, says Microsoft.

As said before, this is a test version for the world. It is offered on the Dev channel. The general public will be able to benefit from it in a few months, when it will be available in a stable version.

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