Windows 11 will add drag and drop to taskbar, Start menu folders and more

Microsoft is now offering Windows 11 build 22557 to members of the Windows Insiders program and it is consistent with several interesting new features in the program.

Windows 11 Logo

The many new features of Windows 11 build 22557

This build 22557 of Windows 11 marks the return of the drag and drop function on the taskbar. It existed with Windows 10, then disappeared with Windows 11. It will be back, which will please many users who have been asking for it since day one.

There is also talk of folders at the Start menu level to group pinned apps. In the image below, we can see that the Office suite software is grouped in a folder, as are games, streaming applications and everything related to productivity. Simply drag and drop one app onto another to create a folder. Note that it will also be possible to rename folders, but this is not available at the moment.

Windows 11 Start Menu Folders

The new version of Microsoft’s operating system is also an opportunity to have new touch gestures. There are five of them, which will make it easier to use with a tablet in particular. Gestures allow you to display the Start menu, navigate between pinned applications or even open the quick actions menu.

Another change concerns the anchor layouts. Simply drag an app window across the top of the screen to choose one of the layouts.


Here are some other new features with the update:

  • Focus mode (concentration assistant) adds a do not disturb mode.


  • Automatic subtitles will be available for videos, which will be particularly interesting for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The keyboard shortcut to activate them will be Windows Key + CTRL + L. Unfortunately there is only talk of English availability in the United States at launch.

Windows 11 Automatic Video Subtitles

  • The task manager now has the right to a dark mode and some visual changes.

Windows 11 Task Manager Dark Mode

  • File Explorer now shows previews for folders.

Windows 11 Overview File Explorer Folders

The new features mentioned here will be gradually available over the year with updates to Windows 11. As a reminder, Microsoft offered everyone this week the first major update to the operating system, including support for Android apps.

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