Windows 8.1: the end of support is approaching, Microsoft will notify users

On January 10, 2023, Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 8.1. The company is preparing the ground and is preparing to send notifications to users to warn them. They will start appearing in July.

Windows 8.1

Three options will appear on notifications about the end of support for Windows 8.1. A button “Learn more” will be present and will allow users to better inform themselves of the situation. We can imagine that Microsoft will invite them to install Windows 11 to have the latest version and continue to receive updates. There will also be a “Remind me later” and “Remind me after end of support” button.

This notification system is not new. Microsoft had already used it to announce the end of support for Windows 7, again several months before the deadline. In the case of Windows 7, the end of support by Microsoft has been a reality since January 14, 2020. It is still possible to use this operating system, but users no longer have security updates or novelties. It will be the same with Windows 8.1 from January 10, 2023.

You should know that Microsoft actually offers an option to always have updates with Windows 7, but this concerns companies and it is paid (with the price increasing each year). The group does not intend to do the same thing with Windows 8.1: it will really be finished next January.

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