wireless headphones that we did not expect at this level!

Coming straight from the land of the rising sun, these QCY T11s arrive to put some competing wireless headphones in big trouble thanks to excellent audio quality while being sold at a very aggressive price.

A few weeks ago, we received wireless headphones from QCY, the T11. According to the opinions on various sites and in particular AliExpress, the latter would have excellent audio quality while being sold for around thirty euros according to the promotions in force. Curious and enthusiastic to test these Bluetooth headphones, without further ado, here is our test of the QCY T11, Chinese wireless headphones, certainly, but not to be overlooked.

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A design that does not bring real novelty

In recent years, it has become difficult for manufacturers to revolutionize the design of wireless headphones. These QCY T11s are no exception to the rule, we find in-ear type headphones, that is to say they will fit inside the ear canal. This type of headphone hated by some, loved by others, reduces ambient noise passively, thanks to the silicone tips. Moreover, you can change these so that these QCY T11 are perfectly inserted in your ears, three tips, will be provided to you. The wrong tip size will cause noise nuisance, loss of audio quality, and poor isolation from outside noise.

Each earpiece has a touch zone in order to change music, reset to start, turn them off or pair them with a new device. On the side of the charging box, there too, there is nothing extraordinary, the headphones will fit perfectly inside in order to be recharged. The latter allows you to listen to nearly seventeen hours in a row or the equivalent of 262 songs, thanks to its 600 mAh battery which will recover an hour of autonomy in only eleven minutes using the USB-C port under this case.

However, this case with this shiny black color leaves fingerprints visible, which can give the most manic of you sweat.

In terms of ergonomics, these QCY T11s fit perfectly in our ears. After short running sessions, they never flinched and never slipped out of our ears. In comparison, the Sony WF-SP800N struggles to hold while they are cut for sports without forgetting that the tips sometimes get stuck in the ear canal. QCY Bluetooth headphones are a pleasant surprise!

Impressive audio quality for just € 30

So, for thirty dollars, don’t expect high quality codecs. QCY T11 are equipped with relatively classic codec, AAC and SBC. Nevertheless, these codecs which are nevertheless classic are combined with drivers of seven millimeters of good quality. This makes it possible to provide a more substantial frequency range in order to have a better immersion in the music.

In use, the QCY T11s offer very good sound quality. On our side, QCY’s wireless headphones have successfully passed our test battery namely: the latest ACDC album, Metallica’s Blacklist album, some Eminem music for the bass, and Lindsey Stirling to judge the treble with its sublime violin. We tested all of this with a default equalizer which is available on the app.

The mids are often hidden by the presence, yet balanced, of the bass. As for the highs, we don’t come close to the crystal-clear sound of dear Lindsey Stirling’s violin, but 90% of the time it will be fine with the general public. As a reminder, the QCY T11 wireless headphones are sold for around thirty euros. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to modify all this a little using the application and its equalizer!

An application that allows you to configure the QCY T11 as you wish

As we said previously, by default, the sound of the QCY T11 is good, precise, but the bass comes to cover the mids. However, it is possible to remedy this with the application designed for wireless headphones from QCY. The latter, which is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and the App Store, will make it possible to manage the various functionalities of the touch zone, but also to manage the equalizer of the QCY T11.

The equalizer gives the user the ability to change levels as they see fit, if you want more bass, more treble, or more midrange it is doable. And, if you do not want to touch these settings, because they are too complicated to configure, predefined modes are available.

We also tested the gaming mode which offers sound equalization that allows you to highlight a lot more sound such as enemy footsteps in Call of Duty Mobile, or other sounds in other genres of games. Is it practical? Yes, but also not useful to use it every time even if you can put a shortcut in the touch area of ​​an earpiece.

Buy QCY T11 from Aliexpress

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