With 2.9 million, Metroid Dread (Switch) could have signed the best sales of the saga

With 2.9 million, Metroid Dread (Switch) could have signed the best sales of the saga

Nintendo has just announced 2.9 million copies sold for its Metroid Dread published last October on Switchit is very likely that this title will now be the best-selling part of the entire saga.

There are indeed a few cases of series which, passing on Switch, do not experience a rebound at the commercial level. But in general, and in particular for Nintendo productions, the weather is upbeat or even a heat wave. Lovers of figures, and incidentally of a certain domination of the small craftsman in the video game landscape, were thus able to delight in the results announced on Tuesday by the Japanese manufacturer.


Among the sales scores made official, these 2.9 million copies sold of Metroid Dread. An episode that tried to reconnect with the two-dimensional formula left on Game Boy Advance. Developed by the Spanish studio of Mercury Steam, already at work on the “remake” of Metroid II: Return of Samus on 3DS, Metroid Dread was released last October and exclusively on Switch.

Metroid Dread stronger than Metroid Prime?

Can be considered a relatively minor franchise in terms of its sales, Metroid could however hope for a renewed interest by tumbling on Switch. Especially since Nintendo has not neglected the title by granting it a remarkable advertising campaign.

But if we compare the performance of Metroid Dread to that of the previous titles of the saga, how does it fit? It would seem that such figures are not the most accessible, thus only allowing estimates based on approximate or distant data. For example, if Retro Studios had declared that Metroid Prime first of the name had sold more than two million units, this information goes back all the same to 2007, that is to say fifteen years ago. Knowing that Metroid Primereleased in 2002, is not distributed in digital format except with regard to the compilation Metroid Prime Trilogywe can assume that it did not reach three million in sales.

However, Nintendo would possibly have gargled this record if Metroid Dread had officially established the best-selling franchise. In any case, Samus was right to bring out the armor, both for her parents and for her players.

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