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With Black Friday, the Philips Hue see their price collapse (-40%) 🔥

Philips Hue are the best smart bulbs on the market. Unfortunately, they are relatively expensive when they are not stored. For this Black Friday, Amazon exclusively unveils a whole series of discounts across the entire range. Limited stock !

This year, Amazon has decided to start its Black Friday offers this Monday morning. The American ogre is not going four ways and he is directly attacking the most premium brands. Among them, we find in home automation Philips Lightning with its famous range of connected bulbs Hue. They come in several formats which are all unanimously recognized by the critics.

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Unfortunately, the Philips Hues are still relatively expensive and they are also very rarely on sale. Whether it’s to get started in connected lighting (with a starter kit) or to expand your installation, now is the time to go for it. Amazon unveils this “star” offer as part of Black Friday: these are the best prices ever found for these bulbs.

  • Kit of 3 color bulbs + bridge + remote control at € 139.99 instead of € 199.99
  • Kit 2 color bulbs + bridge + remote control at € 94.99 instead of € 149.99
  • Kit 3 white bulbs + bridge + remote control + motion detector at € 89.99 instead of € 139.99
  • Lightstrip 2 + 1m light strip at € 66.99 instead of € 104.99
  • 3 color bulbs at € 99.99 instead of € 159.99
  • 3 white bulbs at € 37.99 instead of € 49.99

Above we’ve made a small selection with the most popular essential starter kits and bulb packs. If these Philips Hue are so popular, it’s because they are easy to install. It’s no more complicated than changing a standard bulb. Except that it can really change the atmosphere in a room. Clearly, this is a very good Christmas present for all audiences.

How to choose Philips Hue bulbs?

If you do not yet have an installation at home, you will need to start with a starter kit. In it, you will not only have bulbs (colors or white, as desired) but above all a connection bridge. It is the latter that allows communication between the home automation language of Philips Hue (the Zigbee) and Wi-Fi. This is how you can control the bulbs in several ways.

The connection bridge is nothing other than a small box that connects to Wi-Fi and therefore also to light bulbs. This is how you can then control the bulbs from a mobile application, your computer or even by voice. They are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. In the starter packs of these Philips Hue there is also a remote control that allows you to control them in a more classic way. Finally, you can also turn them on and off from your classic switch which is connected to the bulb.

As you can see above, the color bulbs are more expensive than the white versions. In both cases, however, you can adjust the light intensity of the Philips Hue. The white will therefore be more or less aggressive according to your needs. For colored bulbs, you will have a choice of 16 million colors. White is also one of them.

See all Philips Hue offers

From your computer or the mobile application, you will be able to create scenarios between the different Philips Hue bulbs. There are scenarios which are already pre-recorded and which allow you to create moods in a room. It is possible to define them in advance according to the time of day, or to adapt them according to your leisure. For example, depending on the color of your TV screen, the bulbs may adapt. The result is stunning.

Finally, we remind you that these Philips Hue bulbs are not gadgets for the short term. They have a lifespan similar to that of a classic bulb and it is available in all sizes. If the E27 base is the most popular in France, there are also variations with a GU10 and E14 base to suit everyone. Note that there are also more sophisticated lights that allow you to create a complete installation.

An easy and popular product at Christmas

If home automation is an area that remains difficult for the general public to access, the Philips Hue proves the opposite. The Dutch brand has succeeded in developing a product that installs in seconds and brings a real experience. Certainly the price is high, but it is much more affordable with the discount that is displayed by Amazon.

Whether it is to create a first installation or to complete an existing one, this special offer for Black Friday is absolutely beautiful. Apart from Amazon, no e-merchant ever offers a discount on Philips Hue. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of it. As a reminder, there is never more than once or twice a year when these bulbs are at a reduced price.

If you have planned to make it a Christmas present, Amazon offers you a good guarantee on your purchase. In this case, the site allows you to return purchases until January 31, 2022. So you can quietly offer them at Christmas time and send them back if ever the connected bulbs do not please. For comparison, competitors limit themselves to a 14-day withdrawal period. So you have one more argument to buy on Amazon.

To discover the Philips Hue, it’s here:

See all Philips Hue offers

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