With its fiber at an ultra-ridiculous price, Bouygues Telecom calms the competition

Bouygues Telecom knows how much the return to school can be a financial burden for many French people. It contributes in its own way to alleviating these expenses with a very affordable fiber internet box. For less than 10 euros per month, you can have very high speed at home.

How much are you currently paying for your internet box? 30 euros per month? 40 euros? 50? The reality is that fiber has a cost and it is in this order of magnitude. Now, it happens very occasionally that internet service providers lower prices. If Orange never plays this game, Bouygues Telecom sometimes has some nice surprises in store for us.

At the moment, the ISP is putting forward an offer that neither Orange, nor SFR, nor Free are able to get. It is quite simply the best internet offer of the last 5 years. Not only do you have the Bouygues Telecom quality and brand, but you also have an unbeatable price. If you want to have a box with efficient Wi-Fi for a few euros per month, you will find the solution.

Buy a Bbox Fit

This internet box we are talking about is the Bbox Fit. It is the most affordable and popular of the entire Bouygues Telecom range. At the moment, it includes fiber (400 Mb/s upload and download) and unlimited calls to landlines for 9.99 euros per month. If you are mainly looking for an internet box for Wi-Fi, this will be perfect. On the other hand, it will be necessary to ignore the TV. That said, a Smart TV can largely do without it.

Above all, what is nice with this offer is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of canceling your current subscription. Bouygues Telecom takes care of everything, from start to finish. This means that when you have subscribed to his box, all you have to do is wait. The ISP terminates your current subscription, finances up to 100 euros in termination fees, sends you a new box and even a 100 GB 4G key. The latter is delivered within 24 hours after your subscription to get internet as quickly as possible.

Bouygues Telecom is a real comfort for your internet box. It’s the same as you could have at Orange for example (whose Livebox Fiber is at 40.99 euros per month, admittedly in triple-play). You have customer support who is present, who answers the phone in a few seconds and who is also able to welcome you in one of the 600 shops. If you have the slightest problem with your Wi-Fi, you will be taken care of immediately.

A box with the TV?

Today, many homes are content with an internet connection without the TV part. For less than 10 euros per month, you have the best choice on the market at Bouygues Telecom. If you are now used to having a triple-play formula (internet, TV and telephony), you will have to choose the more premium version of the ISP. Rest assured, it is also at a preferential rate for a few days.

This internet box is the Bbox Must. It is an improved version of the Bbox Fit at all levels. First, the fiber speed is more powerful: 1 Gb/s download and 700 Mb/s upload. So you have a throughput that is almost double. Is it useful for a lambda fireplace? Absolutely not. If you have 5 to watch Netflix at the same time, the speed of the Bbox Fit at 9.99 euros will be sufficient for you.

Buy the Bbox Must

That said, for certain specific functions, the speed of the Bbox Must is interesting. In addition, this formula also gives you unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. Finally, there is the TV dimension that we do not have in the Bbox Fit. With this Must internet box, you are entitled to a 4K TV decoder which also includes 160 TV channels. So you have this extra box that brings you all the TV content.

Bouygues Telecom is the king of prices for the start of the school year. This overpowered triple-play internet box is sold to you for only 15.99 euros instead of 40.99 euros by default. You therefore save more than 250 euros in the first year alone. However, this minimum rate is only guaranteed for the first year. Then there will be a natural price hike, as seen with all ISPs in the market.

Is your home connected to fiber?

Before choosing the fiber of the Bbox Fit or Must, you must first check if your home is connected to the fiber of Bouygues Telecom. This will be the only condition to be able to subscribe to a fiber internet box with this ISP. It’s the same with other operators. How to do ? On the operator’s site, you have a space where you can enter your address. You will then know instantly if you are connected or not.

If so: good news, you will be able to take advantage of fiber at an extremely low rate. If this is not the case, do not panic: Bouygues Telecom has other alternatives such as ADSL or 4G Boxes. The latter have a much better speed than an ADSL box, so you have every interest in taking advantage of it. The ISP is one of the few players on the market to offer a 4G Box which is completely unlimited in terms of traffic. You can therefore use it as a traditional Wi-Fi router.

Are you ready to change your internet box and reduce your bill? It’s now or never to take advantage of it. It’s been years since we’ve seen a more affordable rate than this. In any case, your commitment only lasts the first year. Then, when the price of the box goes up, you can cancel if you feel like it. Otherwise, you will have an excellent product at a price that is still very acceptable for this level of quality.

To buy the Bbox Fit, the cheapest on the market, it’s here:

Buy a Bbox Fit

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