With Tab Maker, you don’t need to know how to code to develop a Chrome extension

Development is a profession and it takes time, passion and commitment to realize the application or extension of your dreams. To put the foot in the stirrup, Google offers a tool that allows you to design extensions for Chrome, without needing to code!

Tab Maker, Google’s new tool for creating web extensions for Chrome, will not allow very complex extensions to be designed. But already, it is a good starting point to understand how such a project works and, why not, to make people want to go further.

What you see is what you get

This environment actually allows you to create an extension that displays a personalized page when opening a new empty browser tab. Tab Maker offers 11 themes to adapt to your needs and desires. The whole is WYSIWYG (” what you see is what you get ยป), That is to say that everything is presented in a very graphic way. We immediately see the result of the modifications we make to the extension.

The content of the extension is determined by a Google Sheet document that the user can update continuously. We can thus imagine an extension to display the latest news at local merchants, explore the galaxies, update with the latest lolcat-based memes, or even present the new paintings of an artist in the making.

Once the extension is complete, you can download it in ZIP format and share it with other Chrome users (they will need to activate Developer mode in chrome: // extensions). Those who wish can also distribute it on the Chrome Web Store, but this requires a paid developer account.

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