With The Devil in me, Dark Pictures unveils its new nugget of horror

The first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology will end on a high note, with the release of the terrifying The Devil in Me, based on a true story.

Three years after the release of Man of Medan, The Dark Pictures Anthology continues its horrific journey. Supermassive Games had promised us a series of short games exploring the different genres of horror, it is clear that the video game studio keeps its promises. After a first chapter devoted to ghost ships, the developers did it again in 2020 with Little Hope and his witch hunt, then in 2021 with the survival horror House of Ashes, The Devil in Me will be the fourth and final installment of the first season of the saga.

More ambitious, but still as intense

Expected for next November 18, The Devil in Me should do honor to the anthology initiated by The Dark Pictures. As usual, players will be able to embody five playable characters, in a solo or cooperative adventure, which risks giving cold sweats to all foniasophobes. Launched in the footsteps of the first serial killer in history, the characters will have the mission to make a documentary about Dr. Holmes in a replica of his macabre Castle of Murders.

Based on the terrifying true story of Herman Webster Mudgett, this new anthology adventure The Dark Pictures will not only provide neat storyline, but also freer gameplay for players, who will now have the opportunity to solve real puzzles. Supermassive Games had until now rather concentrated on the screenplay part of its games, it must be admitted that it is a final in apotheosis which is announced.

Guided by the curator, players will have to make choices that will influence their adventure as they explore. Several new features are notably announced, such as the possibility of climbing and jumping, but also of managing your inventory.

See you on November 18

With one opus per year, The Devil in Me is no exception to the rule: the next part of The Dark Pictures Anthology will be released by the end of the year, namely on November 18 on PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is already possible to pre-order the title for €39.99.

Pre-order The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

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