with the Season Pass, Ligue 1 on Amazon becomes even cheaper

Amazon announced on Wednesday July 6, 2022 the arrival of a new Ligue 1 Pass subscription formula on Prime Video. With the new Season Pass, the subscription to access Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 is cheaper for the whole season.

Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1

A year after its launch, Amazon’s Ligue 1 Pass is being renewed. By launching its new Season Pass, the web giant wants to make Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 more accessible. Concretely, this is a new formula introducing a commitment over the whole season at 99 €. For the launch of the new Pass, Amazon is even offering a reduction of €10 for any subscription between July 11 and August 28, 2022.

The subscription therefore exceptionally costs €89. Until now, the Ligue 1 Pass on Prime Video was available without commitment at €12.99 per month. You have to add the basic Amazon Prime subscription.

Ligue 1: is Amazon’s new Season Pass really more advantageous?

Should you favor the freedom to stop your subscription at any time or pay less for the entire season? The question deserves all the more to be asked as the 2022/2023 season extends over 11 months instead of the usual 10 months, World Cup requires. Assuming that you keep your subscription for the entire active season, it will cost €99 (excluding promo) instead of €12.99 x 11 months, i.e. €142.89.

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We make the comparison without counting the cost of the Amazon Prime subscription. The subscriber therefore saves €43.89, which represents a little over 30% reduction compared to the non-binding formula. the Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 Season Pass is therefore worth it financially.

However, it all depends on the number of months of subscription. If you prefer to retain the freedom to suspend your subscription at any time free of charge and resume it whenever you wish, the non-binding Ligue 1 Pass is more expensive as soon as you exceed 7 months of subscription in total. From 8 months, subscribing to the Season Pass is therefore more financially attractive.

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