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The EuroMillion draw for this back-to-school Friday is advantageous in several respects: the jackpot is 127 million euros; 1 million euros is guaranteed with My Million and new online players receive 10 euros as a bonus. We explain to you.

For several weeks, the EuroMillion draw has seen no player find the right combination. As a result, the prize pool continues to grow to reach 127 million euros this Friday evening. For the first Friday of the new school year, European players will rush to play the lottery. In France, the FDJ gives several advantages for this draw and you would be wrong not to take advantage of them.

First of all, new players on the FDJ site can receive 10 euros in the form of e-credit. As a reminder, the single grid of the EuroMillion draw costs 2.50 euros: the FDJTV code therefore gives you the equivalent of 4 free grids. The only condition is to create and validate your online account, and play 5 euros within 7 days of opening. This is the last EuroMillion draw during which you can take advantage of it (the end of the code is announced on September 4).

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Then, French players also have access to a second My Million draw. The latter is included in the price of the EuroMillion ticket, and yet it is indeed a second draw. And the big difference is that it involves a guaranteed amount of one million euros. In other words, there will inevitably be a French player this Friday evening who will leave with a million euros. On the other hand, the main EuroMillion draw can potentially give no winner.

Why play the EuroMillion this Friday?

Since the beginning of the year, FDJ has hardly ever displayed an advantage code like the one currently available. This is a real opportunity: it is extremely rare for the operator to make this type of promotion. Moreover, it is controlled by the regulator on these subjects so as not to encourage players to take risks. You should always bet what you are potentially ready to lose.

For the start of the school year, the jackpot is attractive: 127 million euros for the main draw, and 1 million euros guaranteed for My Million. The main draw gives you a 1 in 13 chance of walking away with a win (the smallest wins start around 2 euros). To hit the ultimate jackpot, the probability is extremely low. That said, many French people have been able to win these jackpots in recent years.

However, there are methods and options made available by FDJ to increase the probability of winning the EuroMillion draw. It’s up to you to calculate the risk/return ratio to see what works best for you. For example, the Star+ option which costs 1 euro more per grid (the simple grid then costs 3.50 euros) increases the probability of winning something to 1 in 3.8. You have therefore tripled your chances of winning by adding 1 euro per grid.

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On the net, you therefore already have an interest in playing since you can receive these 10 euros in e-credit (if you are a new online customer). But also, you can take advantage of an option that is a huge hit: the MultiChances. This allows you to play on hundreds of grids in parallel without breaking the bank. You buy a slice of a big cake: it costs you less, but the potential gain will be divided between the participants.

For example, you can play on 550 or 1260 grids – your choice. It will cost you 5 euros per share for the 550 grids, and 7.50 euros for the 1260 grids. You can of course buy more shares to increase your chances of winning something. For those looking for another alternative, it is possible to play the EuroMillion draw by ticking more boxes than the official combination: it will cost you more, but the probability will also increase.

A code valid until September 4

The code FDJTV is only valid until September 4 after which it will no longer be valid. Once you have created your account, you have 7 days to enter this code directly via your customer area. You can imagine that this offer is only reserved for (new) customers on the internet: if you are playing for the first time at a tobacconist, it will not be possible to do so. Note that you have to bet 5 euros to get the 10 euros of e-credit.

The EuroMillion draw for this Friday, September 2, 2022 in the evening will be a real craze. In general, when the prize pool exceeds 100 million euros, the general public begins to take a real interest in it. Millions of grids will be validated in Europe. In France, there is this additional advantage thanks to the My Million draw. Less known, it is nevertheless very effective.

Those are almost 100 people who have become millionaires in France since the beginning of the year, thanks to My Million. When you validate a EuroMillion grid, there is a code generated on your ticket which serves as participation in My Million. Just before the big draw, FDJ draws one of these numbers. The winner then leaves with a check for one million euros, even if he has not won anything at the EuroMillion.

EuroMillion and My Million are two independent draws: the results of one have nothing to do with the results of the other. For a single EuroMillion entry ticket, you get access to both. But that’s only if you play from France. For those who play EuroMillion in other European countries, they will not have the same luck. So take advantage of it.

To play this Friday, it’s here:

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Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call).

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