With this offer signed pCloud, store your files online at a low price

pCloud is the most secure storage service. With its special back-to-school offer, it is possible to enjoy it for life without breaking the bank.

If the space on your device is getting full and you can’t make room, there is a less drastic solution than deleting all your content: subscribe to a cloud service. Online storage is indeed the best alternative for saving photos, videos and documents in a safe place and having access to them at all times.

And the one that is particularly appreciated in the middle is pCloud. This Swiss online storage provider, which now has more than 16 million users, offers an incredible offer for the start of the school year. Its Family plan valid for life registers a drop of 80% compared to the basic price. This is an opportunity to subscribe to the 2 TB, 4 TB or 10 TB plan for you and four other loved ones.

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pCloud, the number 1 online storage

With its security features and ease of use, pCloud is undoubtedly the best option against web giants like Google Drive or Dropbox. Thanks to its service, you will be able to store all types of files quickly and on all your devices. Indeed, the interface is also easily accessible from your web browser, on mobile (iOS or Android) and desktop (macOS, Windows and Linux) platforms.

The use is simple and the transfers are carried out in a fluid way. You can even organize your space as you see fit by creating different folders. Of course, all the changes made will be automatically synchronized so that you can find all of your files everywhere.

pCloud stands out from the competition with its advanced sharing features that allow you to easily transfer your documents with your collaborators or loved ones with download links or drop folders. These shared elements can be protected by a password defined by you and you can also set an expiration date depending on the degree of confidentiality. By the way, note that recipients do not need to have a subscription to pCloud.

And not to stop on such a good path, the Swiss service provider is also irreproachable from a security point of view. First, all your data transferred to its servers is protected by the TLS/SSL protocol. Its data centers comply with the highest level of security and the one based in Luxembourg complies with European GDPR standards. And if needed, pCloud allows its users to restore deleted files for 30 days.

One lifetime plan for the whole family

If after this presentation of the pCloud service you are interested in this service, know that at this time you can benefit from a very attractive price reduction. As mentioned above, pCloud is launching a special back-to-school offer giving access to the Family Lifetime subscription at -80%. This package has the particularity of being valid for life (a period of 99 years to be precise). Only one payment is therefore necessary, which means that you will not have recurring payments.

This subscription includes different formulas depending on the storage space you want: either 2 TB, 4 TB or 10 TB. The price varies according to the quantity chosen. Here is the price list before and after the 80% discount:

As a reminder, this subscription is suitable for the family. It can therefore be shared with 5 different users. Everyone has their own space, with an amount of storage set by the owner. This makes it easy to adjust the space, taking into account everyone’s needs.

If you are hesitant to take the plunge, note that its offer is subject to a 10-day money-back guarantee. This gives you time to test their service and backtrack if you’re not satisfied. The other option is to sign up for the pCloud service for free since it provides free online storage of up to 10GB. You can upgrade to a premium plan with more storage later.

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