Redmi Note 11S

With this package, this excellent Redmi Note 11S is offered unconditionally

Do you want to change your mobile plan? This offer from RED by SFR is exceptional: not only will you have your subscription at an advantageous price, but as a bonus the operator offers you a Redmi Note 11S. The latter is worth 279 euros, it is a very generous gift!

What if we told you that RED by SFR offers you your smartphone outright if you take a mobile plan from them? It is a reality that materializes within the framework of the RED Deal. This unique offer highlights a Redmi Note 11S, a Xiaomi-stamped device that was released a few months ago. His price ? 279 euros new, and it is he who will be offered to you.

In exchange for this smartphone, you will have to subscribe to its 100 GB mobile plan at 15 euros per month. From a value for money point of view, this package is already among the most competitive on the market. So with the Redmi Note 11S which is offered as a bonus, you have everything to gain. Below, we explain the details of the financial calculation that makes this offer so attractive.

I take advantage of the offer

To take advantage of the Redmi Note 11S as a gift, RED by SFR requires a 24-month commitment. Throughout this period, the cost of the mobile plan will be 24 x 15 euros = 360 euros. It is in market standards, there are no bad surprises on the price.

A very low real cost

In exchange for this subscription, the operator offers you a Xiaomi smartphone worth 279 euros. The real cost is therefore 360 ​​– 279 euros, or only 81 euros. Over this entire 24-month period, it therefore costs you just 3.40 euros per month (for 100 GB), if you calculate this way.

If you need to change your smartphone and phone number, this RED Deal formula which includes the Redmi Note 11S and the 100 GB plan is the perfect choice. No other operator does as well. RED by SFR is also the only player to offer this type of format to its audience. Set up in 2021, the RED Deal illustrates the operator’s ability to innovate compared to the competition.

Admittedly, you probably know RED by SFR as a non-binding operator. This formula asks you for a subscription over 2 years but the consideration is so interesting that you can’t blame it. This Redmi Note 11S is not a subsidized smartphone: once you have subscribed and it has been delivered, it will be yours completely.

I take advantage of the offer

Once you have received the Redmi Note 11S, you are then free to do what you want since it is unlocked. RED by SFR will not ask you to account, everyone does as they want.

As for the content of this package, it includes an unlimited amount of calls, SMS and MMS as well as an envelope of 100 GB of mobile data. Each month you also receive 15 GB which you can use freely in the EU and the French overseas departments.

Why choose the Redmi Note 11S?

This is the first time that the operator has highlighted the Redmi Note 11S as part of its RED Deal. The latter offers the perfect compromise between a screen and a high quality design, a good camera and a very convincing autonomy.

The Redmi Note 11S is the smartphone par excellence that will suit almost all French people. In terms of price too, Xiaomi proves to us once again that it is among the best players on the market. At 279 euros, it has no competition for such technical characteristics.

In detail, you have on the front of the Redmi Note 11S an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Under the latter, there is a MediaTek Helio G96 chip which will do the trick for almost all uses. Coupled with a 5,000 mAh battery, you will easily last more than a day and a half (or even two) with the smartphone. Note that the 33W fast charge allows you to regain full autonomy in less than an hour.

Finally, on the rear part, there is a quadruple photo sensor with a main module of 108 MP. You also have an ultra wide-angle sensor of 8 MP which allows you to have a wider perspective. On the front, the Redmi Note 11S hides in a small bubble a 16 MP selfie sensor to take your best shots.

How to switch to RED by SFR?

If you want to switch mobile plans to save money, the RED Deal is the best deal available right now. For those who have never changed operator before, the procedure is simple, easy and free.

The first step is to call the number 3179 (free) to obtain your RIO code. The latter allows you to do several things: transfer your number to the new operator and cancel your current subscription at the same time. You therefore do not have to confront your customer support to obtain the right to terminate your current offer.

Once you have this unique code, all you have to do is enter it into the registration form at RED by SFR. The cost for the first month is simple: your mobile plan will cost you 15 euros for 100 GB, to which you must add 1 euro to buy the SIM card. Again, with this procedure, you will keep your current phone number without any interruption.

Officially, the RED Deal ends on May 16 at midnight. In the past, however, we have seen RED Deal disappear even before the deadline, due to lack of stock. It would not be surprising to see the operator come out of these Redmi Note 11S as they are so popular. His RED Deal is among the most competitive in recent months, success will be there.

To discover the RED Deal, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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