Wondaleaf, the first unisex condom!

Wondaleaf, the first unisex condom!

In terms of contraception, the choice is quite wide but it is always possible to do better! While there are condoms for both men and women, none were unisex… until today.

The invention of Tang Ing Chinh, Malaysian gynecologist, could change a lot of things in the bedrooms! Its unisex condom called Wondaleaf indeed adapts to male and female anatomies without distinction. The concept is clever: the condom, which contains an adhesive layer on one of its sides, can be used on the front as well as on the back.

It adapts to all anatomies

Therefore, it suffices to turn it in the desired direction to be used by either partner. Be careful though, the pose is a bit tricky as we will see in the videos below. It is less simple and quick than a conventional condom.

For women :

For men :

Despite everything, the Wondaleaf has the advantage of not making any difference between the sexes! The condom is made from ultra-thin polyurethane (0.3 mm thick) in order to retain maximum sensations. And clinically speaking, it is just as effective as a conventional condom, its success rate (97.4%) being even higher than ordinary products.

Currently, Wondaleaf is only sold in Malaysia, priced at around 3 euros for a box of two condoms. Twin Catalyst, the company behind the product, is now looking to sell elsewhere in the world, but to do so, it will need to obtain certifications from the health authorities.

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