World of Warcraft will soon announce its next expansion

World of Warcraft will soon announce its next expansion

The Horde and the Alliance are going to do it again in the coming months: Blizzard made the “announcement of the announcement” of the new expansion for World of Warcraft, the famous MMORPG. The American publisher gives an appointment to its fans for next April which will see the reveal in good and due form of the ninth extension for the title, almost two years after the release of shadowlands in November 2020.

Hearthstone will also be in the spotlight this month with first info on its next upcoming expansion, while two words are touched on the franchise’s smartphone project….

World of Warcraft preheats before its future extension

It is therefore on April 19 that the most famous MMORPG in the Western world will unveil its ninth content expansion. Almost two years have passed since the release of shadowlandsthe latest extension dated wow.

The latter saw an overhaul of player progression through the compression of their character levels, the cap of which was reduced from 120 to 60; a limit that has no concrete effect on the actual level, but reintroduces the original course of the game when it was launched in 2001. A new area was also arriving: the Shadowlands, kingdom of the dead and its 5 different regions and congregations.

Hearthstone will also not be outdone: the card game will detail the first of the three expansions expected for this year 2022 in an announcement dated March 15. Blizzard will take the opportunity to also provide information on ” the annual changes of the set ffundamental”.

Finally, Blizzard communicates for the first time to the general public its intention to decline the franchise on smartphones with ” the first game from the Warcraft universe designed for mobile devices“. New information will be announced during the month of May, without further information. The first mention of a mobile game Warcraft was seen a few weeks ago in the balance sheet of the financial results of Activison-Blizzard, on February 4.

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