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Worlds 2021 opens with impressive short film

Between animation, live action and music video, the opening short film of the Worlds 2021 of League of Legends was the star of the event.

This November 7 was released the first part of the animated series Arcane, inspired by Riot Games’ League of Legends game. Shortly before that, the studio organized its Worlds 2021, the world championships of League of Legends. As always, Riot has prepared a full-scale opening ceremony, and this year the highlight of the show was a very special video released for the occasion.

With hindsight, it is like a clever mix of short film and music video, which has the particularity of mixing animation sequences and live action. Indeed, the Show Open opens with a sequence from the animated series Arcane, to continue on several musics present in the series. For the occasion, the artists performed in a real setting inspired by the city of Zaun, theater of the adventures of Jinx and Vi in Arcane.

First, we find Bea Miller, with his music Welcome to the Playground, then Imagine Dragons and rapper JID, with the music Enemy. The latter happens to be the credits of the series Arcane. Finally, the last performance goes to PVRIS and its music Burn It All Down, who had previously illustrated the Worlds 2021 presentation video, which had transformed professional players from League of Legends into anime characters.

The performances were not filmed live, but it remains an impressive project nonetheless. In addition, the whole event took place without an audience, which would have made any live performances almost useless, especially of this magnitude. To this were mingled many animation sequences showing Jinx and Vi, the town of Piltover, many special effects, and other references to both the game. League of Legends, but especially to the series Arcane.

The ultimate promotion for Arcane on Netflix

The latter indeed seems to have been the main theme for the 2021 Worlds Show Open, and Riot Games has taken the time to use its communication skills to promote its series. Because, indeed, all this took place just before the airing ofArcane on Netflix, of which you can find our review here.

As a reminder, Arcane follows the adventures of the sisters Vi and Jinx, who seem to have as many conflicts as the twin cities of Zaun and Piltover, whose peace hangs by a thread. The first burst of episodes is already available on Netflix, and the other two trilogies will be released one week and two weeks later, respectively. In total, 9 episodes therefore await fans of League of Legends for this first season.

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