Xbox Game Pass competitor will be there sooner than expected

Sony is working hard and may soon offer its own version of Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation.

If you have a PS4 or a PS5, you are probably familiar with the two subscription programs that Sony offers on its consoles. These are PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, both of which are far inferior to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. The latter is considered by many players to be THE best subscription available on the market as the advantages it offers are substantial.

A situation that has the gift of annoying Sony, leader in the world of consoles but not of services. This is why, as Bloomberg reports in a new report, the firm intends to change the situation soon. A few months ago, we learned from the mouth of the creator of God of war that the manufacturer was already preparing “a counterweight” to the service of Microsoft, which looked like a more advanced version of PlayStation Now.

New info for Sony’s Game Pass

Today, we learn that it is for the moment called Spartacus and that it is indeed an improved revisit of the already existing subscription of Sony. As a reminder, PlayStation Now gives you access to hundreds of games that can be streamed or downloaded. The catalog is updated every month and offers both AAA and successful indie games. Spartacus will therefore take up this concept, adding retro games and more titles to the catalog.

Always according to Bloomberg and certain confidential documents, the service could be started as early as next spring and that would therefore sign the outright shutdown of PlayStation Now. It should be compatible with the PS4 but also the PS5. The big difference with the current subscription is that Sony should offer three subscription plans, like Microsoft with its standard Xbox Game Pass and its Ultimate version.

Will Spartacus stand up to the others?

The question will be whether Sony’s approach will be sufficient to attract consumers. At present, PlayStation Plus remains the most profitable subscription for players on PlayStation, although it only gives access to a very limited number of games unlike Xbox Game Pass. Each month, you can download up to 3 games, while Microsoft’s service offers a catalog of over 100 titles.

In addition, Microsoft gives subscribers access to all titles from Xbox Games Studios from the day of their release, in addition to many other benefits. Such an offer on PlayStation will be enticing, although it does not appear to be on the program. You would imagine having access to God of war, or Gran Turismo Day 1 on PlayStation in exchange for your regular membership? The concern is that Sony is struggling to offer its most recent games, which remains the manufacturer’s pet peeve for the moment.

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