Xbox Games With Gold: the games offered in February 2022

It’s Microsoft’s turn to unveil the list of Xbox games that will be offered throughout the month of February with its Games with Gold program. This concerns players who have Xbox Live Gold, it allows you to play online with your friends or other people.

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Xbox games offered in February 2022

The first game offered is Knights of Baphomet 5: Curse of the Serpent (from February 1 to 28). Find George Stobbart, the intrepid American, alongside Nico Collard, the reckless French journalist, on the trail of a stolen painting. Attempt to foil a dark conspiracy as old as the written word in an epic new adventure from the Knights of Baphomet.

The second game offered is Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (from February 16 to March 15). Step into the shoes of Wally, a mysterious character always on the move, and jump, run, slide, dash to the sound of Danime-sama’s work. This is a title designed for speed runners and casual gamers alike, as long as an action movie.

As the third Xbox game offered in February, we find Hydrophobia (from February 1 to 15). Hydrophobia is a third-person survival adventure game set aboard a floating city controlled by terrorists. The heroine of the game, Kate, will have to overcome her childhood fears and fight using her skills and knowledge of systems engineering. With its fast-paced action and beautiful graphics, Hydrophobia will engage you in stunning water battles that, thanks to the game engine, will be different every time.

Finally, the fourth game is band of bugs (from February 16 to 28). Play as your avatar and battle insects, spiders, and even up to seven of your friends in Spider Hunter mode. Band of Bugs is an intuitive and frenetic strategy/tactics game that immerses you in the heart of a fantasy world.

Each game will be available for download on the dates listed above.

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