Xbox Games With Gold: the games offered in March 2022

Microsoft unveils the list of Xbox games that will be offered in March 2022 through the Games with Gold program. This is accessible to all players who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. It allows you to play online with your friends or other players.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and Standing Controller

Xbox games offered in March 2022

The first Xbox game offered in March is The Flame in the Flood (from March 1 to 31). A young girl and her dog travel on foot and on a raft along a river in a forgotten America where the notion of society is only a memory. Unearth resources, craft tools, find cures, escape dangerous animals and, above all, stay fit in this unforgiving world.

The second game offered is Street Power Soccer (from March 16 to April 15). This arcade-style street football game combines killer style with high-intensity action. Compete against street soccer legends or friends in a variety of crazy game modes and on diverse terrains, with crazy kicks and Superpowers to become King of the Streets.

In the third title, we find Sacred 2 Fallen Angel (from March 1 to 15). Choose between the campaign of light or shadow in a world with no loading times, combining single and multiplayer play and including many epic and deadly quests, characters and fights.

Finally, the fourth title is SpongeBob’s Truth or Square (from March 16 to 31). SpongeBob has lost the secret recipe for Crab Pie. With your help and that of several of his friends from Bikini Bottom, he will have to use the Plankton memory machine to explore his best memories and find the recipe.

All free Xbox games will be redeemable on the dates listed above.

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