Xbox Series X is finally back in stock, alone or with Halo Infinite🔥

The Xbox Series X is back in stock on the Fnac side. Microsoft’s next-gen console comes as a bundle with the Halo Infinite game at a discount. Amazon for its part offers it alone, at 499.99 euros.

Do not waste too much time if you want to take advantage of this new good plan available on the side of the Fnac brand. While it is quite difficult to find it in stock, the Xbox Series X is displayed there at 529.99 euros instead of 569.99 euros. Usually sold alone for 499.99 euros, it is delivered here as a pack, with the game Halo Infinite.

In view of the promotion, it is advisable not to delay too long if you wish to take advantage of it since the offer is valid while stocks last. Finally, if you want to equip yourself only with the Xbox Series X at 499.99 euros, you can do so by going to the site of the e-merchant Amazon which currently has a stock of Microsoft consoles.

I take advantage of the Fnac offer

I take advantage of the Amazon offer

Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s most powerful game console

Released at the same time as the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console. More powerful, equipped with a Blu-Ray reader, it is the direct competitor of Sony’s PlayStation 5. With the advantage of having a game catalog much richer than that of the Japanese manufacturer, it has attracted millions of players who have also converted to the latter.

More accessible because the enthusiasm is less compared to the PS5, the Xbox Series X offers high performance. With its many development studios, Microsoft is able to provide hundreds of games for just 13 euros per month. And some of these games are also accessible anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or PC thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

On the connector side, the Xbox Series X is equipped with an optical audio jack, an HDMI out port, two USB-A (3.2) ports, a USB-A port on the front panel, an Ethernet port and a data port. feed. It also has the advantage of being backward compatible with a large number of games available on previous generation Microsoft consoles such as the Xbox One or Xbox 360.

In short, choosing the Xbox Series X means opting for an ultra-powerful game console, offering a sober and elegant design with an extensive catalog of games for a ridiculously low price. In addition, the Xbox controller remains a model of ergonomics. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X with Halo Infinite is on sale at 529.99 euros instead of 569.99 euros at Fnac.

To access the offer on the Xbox Series X pack at Fnac or alone at Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Fnac offer

I take advantage of the Amazon offer

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