Xbox surprises us with an unexpected new conference!

Summer is almost over but Microsoft is not letting go: after the hour it’s always time and new announcements are on the way.

The big conferences often take place at the beginning of the summer but this year, the season is dragging on for ever more novelties. Summer Game Fest, Devolver Direct, Xbox & Bethesda Showcase… Presentations have followed one another over the past few months, but beware, it’s not over! Microsoft still has a few surprises in store for certain audiences and will continue to put on a show… at the Tokyo Game Show.

The console from the firm of Bill Gates has struggled to establish itself on the Japanese market for years, but these difficulties are coming to an end. In just two years, the Xbox Series has sold twice as much as the Xbox One in its time (260,000 consoles against 114,831). Thus, it is not surprising to see Xbox make a presentation in Japan. The event was designed for Japanese players and more generally from Asia, but it will be broadcast around the world and should appeal to other audiences. It’s a safe bet that JRPGs will be in the spotlight, as was the Persona saga with its addition to the Game Pass.

A show open to all and for all

The Tokyo Game Show returns after three years of absence and this time, it aims to reach a much wider audience than usual. Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Asia Director gives more details about their conference in a blog post:

We invite you to watch the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Xbox Stream, during which we will celebrate our Japanese and Asian communities. You’ll learn about titles from Xbox Game Studios and our partners that we hope will appeal to Asian and Japanese gamers, as well as those who follow us around the world.

A true celebration of the video game industry, the 2022 edition of the Tokyo Game Show is full of ambition, driven by a strong theme as Jeremy Hinton also points out:

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 will open its doors to the public again in September for the first time in three years, bringing together fans from around the world virtually and in person to experience the latest in gaming, technology and gaming. of video game culture in Japan. The theme of Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be “Nothing Stops Video Games” and will highlight the solidarity between gamers and the bright future of our industry.

It will be possible to follow the Tokyo Game Show live Thursday, September 15 at 11 a.m. (French time) on Twitch and YouTube.

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