Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro review: a (super)sonic robot

Versatile and efficient, Xiaomi presented its first range of proprietary robot vacuum cleaners in March.

With its extended name and now well-known design, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro marks the arrival of Xiaomi on the robot vacuum cleaner market. The Chinese giant is in fact not at its first attempt, since it already has several partner brands to its credit. After Roborock and Dreame, Xiaomi arrives this time in France with its first official range. Can it compete with models that are already well established on the market? We do the test.

Discover the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro

Design: an air of déjà vu… that works

Xiaomi’s Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro promised to concentrate all the brand’s expertise in its first proprietary range. It is clear that regulars of the genre should not feel out of place. The vacuum cleaner has a design almost identical to the Roborock S range, with a round and sober shape. On the top of the device, only the laser rangefinder brings a touch of fantasy, with a slight relief tinged with red. There are also two physical buttons, intended for switching on and returning to the base.

Under the hood, we find the dust collector, while the removable water tray and mop are located directly under the device. Comes with two mops and a removable side brush, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro definitely has nothing to envy the competition. Yes the vacuum cleaner ignores the automatic emptying station, just turn to the superior model (Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra) to benefit from it. Equipped with a large rotating brush and a small side crumb tray, the model imagined by Xiaomi plays shy innovations, but above all prefers reassure its western usershitherto accustomed to the signature Roborock.

Vacuuming and washing

After a first complete mapping of the housing, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro is quickly operational to start cleaning. Regarding suction, the robot is surprisingly powerful given its (small) sound volume. On hard floors and fine carpet, it makes short work of the dust and debris present. The HEPA filter stores little residue, which allows it to be effective longer before it needs to be cleaned or changed.

Not surprisingly, the result is much less convincing on thick carpet. Robot vacuum cleaners are clearly not intended for this type of use, so we will not take offense. In most situations, the standard mode is sufficient to overcome the dirt. However, it is possible to configure the device, so that it adapts to all situations. If we always tend to opt for the Turbo mode which peaks at 3000 Pa, the Silent mode is however very practical in the eveningwithout significantly losing efficiency.

The washing part is as often the least successful aspect of the product. On the design first, Xiaomi chooses position the removable water tray just at the level of the feeder, which forces us to take the vacuum cleaner out of its base to refuel. It’s not much on a daily basis, but this positioning makes us regret Roborock’s S5 Max, which allowed the device to be maintained without having to move it from its charging base.

In terms of efficiency, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro promised deep cleaning thanks to its sonic vibration system built into the mop. After setting the water flow, the result is rather mixed. The device is perfect for superficial daily maintenance, but will not be able to overcome a stubborn or stubborn task. However, we will appreciate the fact that even with a high water level, it does not flood the ground and ensures a fast drying after its passage.

As with Roborock, one of the big advantages of the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro lies in the ability to fully customize your cleaning routine. It is thus possible to choose the suction and washing powers, but also to define parameters for each room, which is very practical on a daily basis.

The robot also shines by the effectiveness of its guidance system. Thanks to its rangefinder, navigation is precise, and the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro almost never stumbles. After going around the room, he then starts an almost military cleaning to overcome the dirt. The device goes almost everywhere, and does not hesitate to overcome obstacles that were thought to be too high for him. However, it tends to get tangled in electrical wires and other small objects on the ground, so be careful not to leave anything lying around.

App and Connectivity

Controllable remotely from the Xiaomi Home app, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro plays the continuity card with Roborock devices. Everything is done so as not to lose the user and that’s good. The interface is clear and intuitive, it’s a real advantage in everyday life. On this point in particular, there is a real leap forward compared to previous software versions, which sometimes lacked stability. Just enter a Wi-Fi password, and pairing takes seconds.

In addition to centralizing all of the brand’s connected devices, the Xiaomi Home application provides a global view of the status and behavior of the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning history, wear and tear of consumables, management and personalization of cards or programming of automatic cleaning… everything is designed to make our lives easier. The map, in particular, can be fully customized with virtual walls or forbidden areas. When the robot is running, it also offers real-time location, which is quite practical if needed.

Appliance cleaning and maintenance

Comes with a simple charging station, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro must be emptied regularly, once every two or three passages depending on the size of your home. The 0.5L dust container is not particularly hygienic to clean, however, since dust often tends to escape when separated from the vacuum cleaner.

On the accessories side, however, we appreciate the quality of the HEPA filter, which is rather resistant to use. Quite the opposite of the main brush made of rubber and nylon bristles, which quickly becomes a veritable nest of bristles and hair. Once again, it will be a question of not skipping over regular maintenance, which makes it possible to overcome residues before they accumulate too much.

Daily, discreet and effective

Formidable for vacuuming, rather effective when it comes to washing, the Mi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro also benefits from several other significant qualities. First its sound volume: during our test, we recorded 53 dB in Silent mode, and up to 58 dB in Turbo mode. Not enough to drown out the noise of a conversation so, he remains surprisingly discreet. The quick drying of the mop is also an advantage, while the small 150 ml water tank is a pleasant surprise. With its fine format, we doubted its ability to cover an entire home. The device is finally doing quite well.

Autonomy level, everything will depend on your requirements. The robot reaches 3 hours of cleaning in standard suction, but its autonomy logically decreases in Turbo mode, or when washing mode is activated. At full power, expect just under two hours of use before returning to base. On a daily basis, it is more than enough: it is also one of the most enduring models that we have had the opportunity to test. In a 100 m² apartment, the robot never showed the slightest sign of weakness, sometimes going so far as to pass twice for a thorough cleaning. Then count three hours to fully recharge its 5200 mAh battery.

Price and availability

Marketed since March 17 at the price of 449€, the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro is available on the brand’s official website, as well as at most partner retailers. An interesting price positioning, despite increasingly tough competition on the market.

Discover the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro

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