Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G launch test, a smartphone that does the job

Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G launch test, a smartphone that does the job

You have not been able to miss Poco for the past three years in the smartphone industry. With the release of 11 models in three years, the Chinese brand is one of the most prolific in the field and claims the sale of 22 million and 950,000 devices. Their latest series, the fourth, was revealed in a bit of a chaotic fashion as the Poco X4 Pro 5G spec sheet was leaked a few days ago.

My colleagues more experienced in the field than me alerted me and warned that the phone would not revolutionize anything and that it was a copy of other models or rebranding. Rarely had I been so warned. I appreciate their opinion, but they sometimes lose sight of the essential: the point of view of the average consumer who is just looking for a good phone at a reasonable price. Luckily, that’s exactly who I am, so here’s my hot reaction to using the Poco X4 Pro 5G.

Technical sheet

Opening and hot opinion on the design of the Poco X4 Pro

As a good amateur, I stop a little on the packaging, the black and yellow box is sober, the packaging is neat without frills. Inside, a pile of plastic, paper and cardboard, which firmly hold the phone, the manual, the warranty and of course the charger. If accidents and shocks during delivery worry you, don’t worry here, it’s solid and I even struggle to get these elements out without tearing anything.

I grab the device and, first surprise for me who is probably too attached to my Samsungs, the edge of the phone is square like the Iphone 13. The edges of the phone have been for me, throughout these two days of testing, very strange to take in hand and I’m just beginning to get used to it. My colleagues assure me that the Pocos have always had a bit of a steep edge and that I should try an iPhone on occasion. In any case, this is certainly not a fault because the device is therefore very easy to hold. in hand. As a big clumsy, I’m always used to having shells on my phones, generally the strongest possible, here however, I couldn’t bring myself to the idea. The design of the phone is, I find, very nice. The power and volume buttons have a very crisp and precise feel, the phone’s coating is snag-free and soft, and the whole thing is a joy to use.

The back of the phone is out of the ordinary. The appearance is shiny, elegant and above all has an “Infinite Mirror” effect that breaks out to me, I tried to do justice to this effect in the photo but the best is still to see it yourself. Up top, the camera is anchored in a Poco frame that takes up almost the entire width of the phone. The device in question consists of a 108-megapixel resolution, a 2-megapixel macro camera and an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera.

The large screen with thin and rounded edges is a 6.7-inch Amoled DotDisplay screen with a refresh rate of 120hz.

Starting the phone and first impressions

After the initial configuration, the phone finally displays the well-known Android screen. The smartphone has MIUI 13, the Xiaomi version of Android 13, but neophytes like me will find it perfectly. With a few more cool widgets, the screen saver mixes notifications, miscellaneous widgets and fun info. But enough joking, it’s time to see what the Poco X4 Pro 5G has in store.

This is the main criticism that has been made to it since the leak of its technical sheet, in terms of performance, the regulars are disappointed. In order to make the device accessible to 5G, Poco chose to downgrade its processor to a Snapdragon 695. The previous model, the X3 Pro, had a more powerful Snapdragon 860. Nothing to say about it, it’s not a good point… however…

However, I was able to launch some demanding games and tested the phone’s capabilities on normal daily use: opening several apps, launching several games, HD videos on one side and several web tabs on the other… didn’t flinch, it’s a victory for my naive amateurism. The use of the phone over these two days was done without major problems and it remained fluid the majority of the time. I did not try to reach the limits but I think I did a good test of real use .

The 120hz screen brings great fluidity to the phone and to navigation which is very pleasant. My first impressions are good, of course the fan or the informed and picky connoisseur will look at this demotion as the oenologist would look at a supermarket wine, that is to say without taking into account the attractive price, but that’s it the essential. The Poco X4 Pro 5G is a very good smartphone for the prices usually charged by Poco which, although they have not yet been announced, will undoubtedly not deviate from the habits of the brand. Despite the warnings and alerts, my first impression is very good, the device is very good and offers very broadly level performance for this price range.

The media

I took a few shots, inside and outside, again nothing extraordinary. The resolution is good, the photos are of good quality but lack the effects and improvements that you get with more expensive models. Clearly in this price range, the Poco X4 Pro 5G is not looking to work miracles. It still has a few filters, an image enhancement AI, an HDR mode and of course the announced wide-angle and macro modes.

We have seen much worse and at higher prices. Indoor photos in particular will require light conditions that are not always easy to find, but outdoors you will have good outdoor shots without any problem. Everything will depend here on your wishes and quality requirements, the passionate instagrammer will not find his account here, but for those who are only looking to be able to take some nice photos of their holidays or outings to send them to their friends, it’s perfectly satisfactory. The video mode is to match: not at the top but more than enough for simple use. The sound is clear and playing videos on this smartphone is very pleasant.


Let’s be frank, it’s not joy. Two hours of heavy use was enough to drain my 100% battery. Fortunately, the phone comes with a 67W fast charger that charges quite a bit. It’s no hiker’s or camper’s friend, but it will do the job just fine as a daily phone for commuting between home and the office. By being a little careful, I pushed the battery up to around 8 p.m. which, for once, is pretty good.

To finish

Finally, I would point out that the Poco X4 Pro 5G has 256GB of memory and 8GB of RAM. A rather solid configuration in this price range. Also note a correct autonomy, quickly boosted by the 67W fast charger provided. I was able to alternate heavy use and fast charging all day without getting close to battery drain and comfortably.

The first and main advantage of this smartphone, which was exactly the same as its predecessor the Poco X3 Pro, will obviously be its price. This one hasn’t been announced but should be around 300 / 350 euros, which corresponds to the top of the entry level or the beginning of the mid-range (which are more or less the same thing).

I’m curious to see if the Poco X4 will convince buyers in this already busy niche where there are so many alternatives, in my opinion it has several assets to convince and if it never really upsets, it’s easy to make it your own and to get attached to it.

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