Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 review, to save you money

What if a smartphone at only €200 was enough to meet the vast majority of your daily needs? We tested the Redmi Note 11, Xiaomi’s new best value smartphone, which embodies this promise. Verdict!

10 years. Xiaomi has only been around for a decade, and yet it’s as if the brand has always been around. Since its arrival in our region, the firm has largely imposed itself by cutting prices on many consumer electronic products, such as watches, cameras, electric scooters, and of course, smartphones. And in this field, it is the Redmi Note range that stands out, since it is the one that embodies the proposal of the smartphone at the best value for money signed Xiaomi.

In the logic of things, the brand thus announced its Redmi Note 11 at the start of the year, the new flagship of this range, and which should quickly establish itself as one of the most competitive smartphones of 2022. here is our review of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 11and it is clear that there has been progress on the entry level lately.

Design & Screen of the Redmi Note 11

It’s very simple: the Redmi Note 11 does not make its price. PFor only €200, we have a smartphone that clearly has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to design. Yes, its chassis is plastic, but it’s very good quality plastic, which doesn’t creak, and the back is topped with a matte coating that helps it pass itself off as more premium than it is not.

The finish is impeccable, and the almost straight edges give it an undeniable cachet inspired by the most popular smartphones of the moment, while improving its grip. In addition, it is light, with only 179 grams on the scale, and it will therefore quickly be forgotten in a trouser pocket. We even have the right to a 3.5mm jack, and, on the biometric security side, we find a fingerprint sensor integrated into the standby button.

It is therefore rather comfortable to handle, and it can even be used with one hand with its 6.43-inch edge-to-edge screen. It is also at the level of the screen that we find the first clue to its tariff positioning: a thick chin located on the lower border. But we quibble because it is still an excellent screen for this price, and, in use, we quickly forget this slight dark growth. Very bright AMOLED panel (up to 1000 nits), Full HD+ resolution, shimmering colors, all with… a 90 Hz refresh rate. And for a €200 smartphone, it’s almost unheard of.

Performance & Autonomy

With Android 11 surmounted by the MIUI 13 overlay and its galore animations, coupled with the 90 Hz refresh rate of its screen, we end up with an extremely pleasant smartphone to use, fast and fluid, which has nothing to envy to a much higher end device. And if this high refresh rate gives a feeling of increased fluidity, there is also a rather powerful processor inside, the Snapdragon 680. Admittedly, it is not the most powerful SoC of the moment, far from it, but in use it does quite well. Whether it is to navigate between applications, scroll through social networks, or even play a few video games, the smartphone is doing honorably and we have seen very few slowdowns, if any. For 200€, again, it’s a small feat.

Nevertheless, it will still be necessary to ask the question of durability, because if today the smartphone is very capable, its Snapdragon 680 closes the doors to 5G since it is only compatible with 4G. On the performance side, it could also run out of reserve in the years to come. But in 2022, that’s more than enough for the vast majority of users.

The advantage is that with its modest power and the absence of 5G, the Redmi Note 11 offers excellent autonomy. With its 5000 mAh battery, on can largely finish the day without having to go through the recharge box, even with intensive use, and we can even make it last up to 2 days with more moderate use. And to top it all off, there is also fast charging at 33W, which completely fills the battery of the Redmi Note 11 in just over an hour. Casually, smartphones sold for €1,000 more expensive no longer even offer a charger unit in the box, while the Redmi Note 11 is entitled to a 33W charger to take advantage of fast charging.


Generally, this is the weak point on entry-level smartphones. Except that, against all odds, this Redmi Note 11 is doing quite well in the field of photography. There are four sensors at the back, housed in a photo unit with a rather conventional look. Note that in reality, the smartphone may offer four sensors, you will really only use two. The main one, a 50 MP wide-angle, gives rather convincing results with beautiful colors and good sharpness, and the 8 MP ultra-wide-angle, on the other hand, is very decent in broad daylight, but it will begin to show its limits as soon as the light runs out.

As for the other two sensors, they would almost be there for decoration. The 2 MP macro sensor is not bad in itself, but it will only be used very rarely, and the last sensor, which is used to calculate the depth of field and which also goes up to 2 MP, will mainly be used to improve certain effects. such as cropping the subject in portrait mode, for example. Finally, at the front, we can count on a 13 MP selfie sensor which gives very decent results.

In this test of the Redmi Note 11, we found that it offered frankly satisfactory results in terms of photos. Make no mistake about it: we are still far from the level of a high-end smartphone, but for the price, we clearly get what we pay for, and the photo paraphernalia of the Redmi Note 11 will be more than enough to immortalize your best moments. And your worst too. Not jealous.

Redmi Note 11 price and availability

The Redmi Note 11 is now available in 4+64 GB and 4+128 GB versions at the respective price of €199.90 and €249.90 at Bouygues, Orange, SFR, Electro Depot, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Carrefour , Auchan, Leclerc, Intermarché, Casino, Système U, Cora, Cdiscount, Rue du commerce, LDLC, Matériaux.net and in the Xiaomi Store and Mi.com.

A refund offer of 30 euros is available for the Redmi Note 11 128 GB from February 17 to March 20 at Auchan, Boulanger, Carrefour, Casino, Cora, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Leclerc, LDLC, Materiel.net, Mi.com , Rue du Commerce, Système U, Ubaldi, Veepee and in the Xiaomi Store (excluding marketplace). It is available in three colours: Twilight Blue, Graphite Gray and Celestial Azure.

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