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Xiaomi sells off its bestseller by -50%, it’s unprecedented (300 pieces)

The Poco X3 Pro displays its best price on AliExpress on the occasion of Single Day. You won’t find a better place to find a mid-range smartphone that’s powerful and optimized for mobile gaming.

The Poco X3 Pro was formalized in March, a few months after the standard version of the range of smartphones. Placed as a mid-range device, it aims to satisfy gamers with a successful mobile experience and exceptional power. Xiaomi has obviously worked on the quality-price ratio for this product which is very successful in France.

Officially, the Poco X3 Pro is available at a price of 299 euros. If it is currently found around 250 euros at several classic French resellers (Cdiscount, Fnac), AliExpress is taking the lead for this Single Day. Indeed, the Xiaomi smartphone drops 169 euros instead of 299 euros with the code 11AE30, a discount of 45%.

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Important tip : this offer will be activated on Thursday 11 November at 9:00 am sharp. If you arrive before, it is essential to put the product in your basket. Otherwise, the stock will disappear first. This will save you a few precious seconds when the time comes. Thursday morning, you have to validate your basket (the discount will be applied), enter the code 11AE30 and pay for your purchase. Only 300 pieces are available, this is the best deal of the Single Day.

The Poco X3 Pro is a mid-range smartphone that has all the features expected on a phone intended for everyday use. It even does even better on certain technical specifications, which explains its success with gamers – although this is not its only target (far from it).

Single Day lasts only on the day of November 11, it is an annual operation that brings together millions of people around ultra competitive discounts. This is the case with this flash offer on the Poco X3 Pro: the phone has posted its best price since its release. At any moment, the smartphone can disappear, taking this mini price with it.

The Poco X3 Pro, an absolute reference

Before discussing the Poco X3 Pro in more detail, it should be noted immediately that the smartphone is targeted by the global shortage of semiconductors. The health crisis has led to production complications around the world, this directly impacts smartphone stocks to the point that all brands are concerned – Xiaomi is far from being the only one. As a result, this model has been unavailable for quite a while, even today it only reappears in waves at AliExpress.

The Poco X3 Pro is a very balanced smartphone when it comes to price-performance ratio. It comes with great features for a price that remains reasonable, which is what makes its popularity with the general public. We appreciate its efficient and modern design, based on the presence of thin black borders for a screen / body ratio more than acceptable. This model can count on its excellent 6.67-inch FHD + screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and Gorilla Glass 6 glass that prevents scratches.

The other big surprise of this Poco X3 Pro is the presence of the Snapdragon 860 chip. It is clearly one of the premium processors from Qualcomm, specialist in the field. This is the real optimization of this model compared to the standard smartphone in the range, but also the reason why it is perfect for gamers. In addition, there is UFS 3.1 memory technology, a mobile SSD that ensures faster read and write speeds.

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The Poco X3 Pro does not leave aside the photo offer and autonomy, you will also be delighted with these technical characteristics. On the one hand, this model is equipped with a 20 Mpx selfie camera and a quadruple photo sensor placed on the back of the device, it is entitled to a main module of 48 Mpx.

For its part, the 5,160 mAh battery compatible with fast charging is one of the great qualities of this smartphone. Overall, this Poco X3 Pro can last about two days with standard usage… and you can play your favorite mobile games for 11 hours straight. This smartphone has everything you like, take the opportunity to pass the milestone while securing this flash offer at a mini price.

Crazy offers on AliExpress

Single Day breaks records every year, as it advances even more great offers over time. In this sense, the operation is gaining popularity and success at AliExpress. The online merchant seems determined to gain a prominent place in the European market, knowing that he is already in the top 5 of the most popular e-commerce players. After such an event, he should still gain a few ranks.

Everything goes really fast during Single Day. The operation begins at 9 am, the best flash sales attract the world from the first hour. We cannot even count the number of sales per minute as it is monstrous during this special operation. AliExpress is really breaking its prices, you have to take advantage of it very quickly, because the merchant does not participate in Black Friday, so it is the best prices of this year that are underway.

No need to remember that the Poco X3 Pro will disappear very quickly. Basic stocks are tight due to semiconductor shortages – and that’s not counting on the worldwide success of Single Day. If we expect the most popular references to be taken by storm in a few hours, the smartphone may simply evaporate from the merchant site at any moment. Moreover, you can consult the number of models remaining in real time on it.

AliExpress is committed to delivering the Poco X3 Pro to you for free within a few days of ordering. The online merchant has warehouses located in France, which ensures faster shipping. In addition, it has a 20-day return policy, which gives you plenty of time to return the order for a refund if you are not convinced. Finally, the manufacturer’s warranty for this model is two years.

To discover the promotion on the Poco X3 Pro, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

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