Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, its humanoid robot

Xiaomi unveiled a few hours ago the Cyber ​​One, a humanoid robot with a look surprisingly close to Tesla’s Otpimus, who came (slowly) to meet the CEO of Xiaomi in order to give him a flower. Admittedly, the Cyber ​​One won’t overshadow Boston Dynamics’ impressive Atlas, but this bipedal robot’s small steps are arguably setting the stage for Xiaomi’s big breakthroughs in robotics for decades to come. Moreover, the Chinese firm here confirms its ambitions in a sector that is not unknown to it since we also owe it the CyberDog (already a little more convincing compared to the “robot dog” competition).

Despite its apparent limitations, the CyberOne is indeed a jewel of technology, as Xiaomi reminds us in its descriptive sheet: “Humanoid robots rely on vision to analyze their environment. Equipped with a self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module and combined with an AI interaction algorithm, CyberOne is able to perceive 3D space, as well as recognize people, gestures and expressions, allowing it not only to see but also to analyze its environment.

Xiaomi Cyber ​​One 1024x575

In order to communicate with the world, CyberOne is equipped with an environmental semantic recognition engine and a voice emotion identification engine MiAI, allowing it to recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of emotions. human. CyberOne is able to detect happiness and even comfort the user in times of sadness. All of these features are built into CyberOne’s processing units, which are paired with a curved OLED module to display real-time interactive information. »

If there are some big doubts about the robot’s real ability to detect “happiness”, the rest of the functions describe a sophisticated humanoid robot that is not content to move slowly.

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