Y-Brush and its toothbrush 10 seconds up to -50% for the last days of the sales!

Brush your teeth in 10 seconds? This is the bet attempted and succeeded by Y-Brush, who appeared in the first season then in the second season of “Who Wants To Be My Partner?” on M6. For the sales, the French startup offers great promotions on all its packs and products, here’s how to take advantage of them.

With remarkable passages in France in Who wants to be my partneron the news of TF1 and FR2 and internationally at CES, Y-Brush is a real hit with its toothbrush of the future. In just 10 seconds, it allows effective brushing, without the fuss. To celebrate this success, but especially the Sales, the French startup is offering an exclusive price on its most popular products.

Until February 8, you are entitled to the Y-Brush NylonMed V2 pack at 99.99 euros instead of only 129.99 euros, including shipping costs. To enjoy :

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Y-Brush revolutionizes the toothbrush

Wash your hands, brush your teeth. Since childhood, the reflex is taken, but the drudgery is still there. Starting from this observation, the French startup created Y-Brush to make brushing much faster. Instead of the usual two minutes, brushing drops… to just ten seconds.

To achieve this, the Y-Brush offers patented technology. Its Y shape allows it to brush all teeth simultaneously. A vibration system makes the process very efficient, because saving time should not reduce efficiency. And the bet is successful for Y-Brush.

For four years of R&D, the company has worked in collaboration with dentists to enable ultra-precise and efficient brushing. An (independent) clinical study has also confirmed the effectiveness of the solution.

To go into detail, the technology called NylonMed V2 embeds 35,000 flexible nylon filaments, which are combined with a sonic vibration. In a few years, Y-Brush has developed cutting-edge technology, and is the best on the market. Where competitors offer large silicone bristles for brushing, Y-Brush proves to be more efficient with its filaments, which allow plaque to be removed and teeth to be rubbed effectively.

Another strength of Y-Brush, the flexible nylon makes it possible to adapt to the dentition of each one by marrying the teeth. Besides, there is a model for children, and one for adults. The use is very simple. After putting toothpaste on the brush, just chew it gently. Then you have the choice between three modes: intensive (5 seconds of brushing), standard (10 seconds or soft (15 seconds of brushing). Everything is very simple, there is only one button to switch between the fashions.

On the show Who wants to be my partner, the startup has since taken off. These are more than 50,000 French customers who have chosen the Y-Brush solution, and there are more and more of them every day. The Y-Brush can be useful both at home, as a main toothbrush, but also on the go, to save as much time as possible.

The Y-Brush sales, it descales

Until February 8, the Y-Brush toothbrush, as well as several accessories, are available at discounted prices. This is the case of the NylonMed V2 pack which drops to only 99 euros or that of the All Inclusive pack, to 105 euros instead of 154.96 euros.

The Y-Brush NylonMed V2 pack:

  • A Y-Brush toothbrush
  • A handle with integrated battery
  • A toothpaste applicator
  • A USB cable
  • Access to the brand support program

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For children, the pack sees its price drop to 89.99 euros instead of 109.99 euros. Accessories are also entitled to their discounts, with an additional 15% discount on replacement brushes and Y-Brush organic solid toothpaste thanks to the code WINTERSALES22.

Products are shipped directly from the brand’s Lyonnaise factory, and the delivery time is 48 hours.

All promotions are available on the official website of Y-Brush until February 8, 2022 but also in stores at Fnac, Darty, Boulanger and Rue du Commerce. Attention, if you are interested, the reductions are only available while stocks last. So be quick, so you don’t miss out:

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