Yes, the perfect mobile plan exists and it is really cheap

If you want a new mobile plan for a cheaper deal, now is the perfect time to switch. RED by SFR, B&You and Prixtel and B&You lower the price of all their formulas without commitment.

This month of September marks the start of the new school year: it is undeniably one of the best times of the year to change your mobile plan. Some operators, like RED by SFR, B&You and Prixtel, display low prices on their formulas with no time commitment. Thanks to generous discounts, you are sure to find the subscription that suits you at the best price.

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Also note that, when you take a new mobile plan, it is possible to keep your current phone number. The process takes two minutes watch in hand in addition to being totally free. To do this, you must call 3179 to obtain your RIO code. Once in your possession, all you have to do is provide it when requested by RED by SFR, Prixtel or B&You.

RED by SFR, a mobile plan with excellent value for money

The RED by SFR mobile plan is unquestionably one of the best operators on the market. In addition to being without commitment of duration, it is displayed at the lowest price this weekend. The operator is taking advantage of this weekend to apply very attractive discounts on all prices in its range. In fact, there is not one, but three non-binding mobile plans on its official website.

Attractive in price, the RED by SFR offers are also attractive from a qualitative point of view. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of the mobile plan with 100 GB of Internet at 15 euros per month which also includes 17 GB usable from abroad and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

To choose this mobile plan at RED by SFR, it’s here:

See RED by SFR offers

At the same time, the operator offers two other formulas to cover a maximum number of customers and their respective needs. This weekend, it allows you to take advantage of exceptional offers: the first is basic and not expensive. At 5 euros per month for 1 GB of mobile data both in France and abroad, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, it is perfect if you do not use a lot of mobile data every month.

The second, which is suitable for people who consume a lot of mobile Internet, includes 200 GB of Internet in 4G (including 20 GB abroad) for 20 euros per month. Let’s recap these two offers.

  • 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of Internet and 1 GB from the EU and the overseas departments
  • 20 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 200 GB of Internet and 20 GB from the EU and the overseas departments

Also, for the modest sum of 5 euros more per month on each mobile plan, you can choose the 20 GB Internet option from the EU, the French overseas departments, Canada and the USA. Another option allows you to convert the 100 GB and 200 GB plans into a 5G plan.

It allows you to benefit from irreproachable network quality without running out of data every month: it is a mobile plan which therefore has everything to appeal to the general public. We will not have to wait until the last moment since, as a reminder, all these offers signed RED by SFR end this Tuesday, September 13 in the evening.

B&You, a range of simple mobile plans

B&You’s mobile plan is also very interesting. Enjoying an excellent reputation with the general public, the operator is also setting itself apart this weekend, by lowering all the prices in its range with no time commitment. So you have until September 13 at midnight to take advantage of these low prices before they rise again.

At B&You, the best package is 14.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB of Internet including 25 GB from the EU and the overseas departments. At a penny ready, it adopts the same price list as that of its direct competitor RED by SFR, so you have the choice.

To take advantage of this mobile plan with B&You, it’s here:

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The B&You plan is also almost identical from a range point of view, particularly with regard to the quantity of mobile data offered. Once again, all these formulas are without commitment of duration, here is the detail.

  • 4.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of Internet from France, the EU and the overseas departments
  • 14.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB of Internet including 25 GB from the EU and the overseas departments
  • 19.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 200 GB of Internet including 25 GB from the EU and the overseas departments

It should be noted that the B&You package is a little more advantageous than that of RED by SFR in terms of the internet envelope made available abroad. For the rest, the services are almost similar. So the choice is yours.

Prixtel, a smart mobile plan

The Prixtel mobile plan is unique on the market. Indeed, this virtual operator allows you to subscribe to offers whose price varies every month according to your data consumption. Thus, you only pay for what you consume and automatically avoid the extra package which can quickly increase the amount of your bill.

This weekend, the Prixtel mobile plan is available in three formulas: The small, The large and The giant. All allow you to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Regarding the tariff, it is the mobile data volume that determines the tariff you will pay each month. The mechanism is easy to understand and is based on a system of levels on which a price is associated with a specific number of GB of Internet. Here are the details of the Le petit subscription:

To discover the Prixtel mobile plan, it’s here:

See the Prixtel offers

For you to understand, here is a concrete example. Once you have taken the Prixtel mobile plan, you use 21 GB for the first month. You will therefore pay 4.99 euros since you have not exceeded 30 GB. The following month, you use 34 GB, your bill will then increase to 7.99 euros. And this every month throughout the period that you subscribe to Prixtel.

If you think you will exceed the 3rd level of 50 GB, and are afraid of running out of mobile data, be aware that the operator has two other offers with larger internet envelopes. The big and The giant use the same operation as the Le petit, so that calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited.


  • 0 to 70 GB of Internet: 7.99 euros
  • 70 to 90 GB of Internet: 10.99 euros
  • 90 to 110 GB of Internet: 13.99 euros

The giant

  • 0 to 100 GB of Internet: 9.99 euros
  • 100 to 130 GB of Internet: 12.99 euros
  • 130 to 160 GB of Internet: 15.99 euros

Like all the mobile plans put forward this weekend, those of Prixtel are without commitment of duration. They leave you free to leave the operator whenever you want, without notice or justification. All prices displayed are guaranteed by the operator during the first year. All the details are available on its official website. Please note that all these offers end on September 13 at midnight.

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