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you are not dreaming, the console is back (150 pieces)

Surprise, the PS5 is available at SFR: it is the only online merchant to have stock at the moment, here is how to take advantage of it.

Update – Thursday morning : The standard PS5 is no longer available due to lack of stock, but you can still choose the Digital Edition version.

The PS5 has been hard to find since its release in November 2020. Since that date, stock issues were expected to be fixed by the manufacturer, but that is clearly still not the case. In France, thousands of players are still trying to get their hands on this model, without success, because units remain rare at dealers.

Fortunately, you have a golden opportunity to get your hands on the PS5 today. Surprise, it is SFR which has stock on the game console, which seems surprising from the internet service provider. With this special operation, the standard model is 149 euros and 8 euros per month for 24 months – or 341 euros for the total. For its part, the Digital Edition version is available at a price of 49 euros + 8 euros each month for 24 months – or 241 euros. Regardless of the device, you are entitled to two bonus DualSense controllers.

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To take advantage of this unique opportunity to buy the PS5, you will also need to subscribe to the SFR Power box. Indeed, the current offer includes the video game console on condition of leaving on the famous box. It may seem paradoxical, but be aware that this ensures that you have excellent speed to play all your PlayStation games. In addition, you are sure to access all online services from your home with peace of mind.

The PS5 is available under one condition

Before discussing in more detail the box that accompanies the PS5, we must immediately specify that the current offer will not last very long. At any time, both models can disappear from SFR (update: this is already the case for the PS5 Standard), whether it is the classic version or the Digital Edition. The first being the most popular with players, it will be taken by storm. The digital version will go away almost just as quickly.

The Internet box included with the PS5 includes high-speed fiber (1 Gb / s for downloading and sending), unlimited calls as well as 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder. The price of the subscription is 32 euros per month for one year then 53 euros after this period. The duration commitment with SFR is two years, you can completely leave SFR after these 24 months. In the meantime, you have access to a very complete triple play offer which includes Internet connection, telephony and TV.

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If you take this box from SFR to get the PS5, know that the supplier can take care of your termination costs up to 100 euros. If you leave your current offer for this SFR Power formula, the transition is therefore smooth. You are a winner and you will receive the video game console in the days following the validation of your online order.

Moreover, know that the change of box is simple. SFR takes care of everything, the procedure takes less than ten minutes on the official website of the supplier. This ensures that you don’t waste time, but also save choice on the game console. You don’t have to wait any longer to test this new version which is still so hard to find.

The PS5, a highly coveted console … and hard to find

The PS5 immediately aroused the interest of the public. It was eagerly awaited by the public and Sony has lived up to users’ expectations with this new version. As a result, the brand unveiled a standard version and a Digital Edition. The first is a classic model which is entitled to a disc player while the second does not have a Blu-Ray player: you have to go through the PlayStation Store to buy the titles of your choice.

What is certain is that the PS5 cannot be found. The brand is encountering production problems which are unprecedented due to the health crisis. If the situation has eased for a few months, a shortage of semiconductors is underway in the same, which clearly limits the production of the video game console, but also of other devices such as smartphones. As a result, already low stocks become even more scarce.

Sony brought up this PS5 crisis a short while ago, publicly apologizing for the delay to anyone who has yet to be able to find the precious PlayStation 5. Nonetheless, it appears that a return to normal is not expected until at least mid-2022. It is for this reason that SFR’s offer is a bargain as rare as it is advantageous. It is in your best interest to jump on it as quickly as possible, whether you want to enjoy it as quickly as possible or put the video game console at the foot of the tree for the holiday season.

During the last special operation of this kind, the stock of PS5 was emptied in a few hours at SFR. No doubt it will be the same, knowing that this operation will end when the video game console will not be available and the latest model will have been sold to a player.

To take advantage of this offer on the PS5, it’s here:

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