you can finally know if a game is going to take up too much space on your PC

Thanks to a new function deployed by Steam, it is now possible to know if your PC will support the installation of a new game without saturating.

Steam software

The Steam software // Source: Frandroid

You’ve been waiting for it for months, your game is being installed, when suddenly it crashes. And a clear verdict: not enough space on your PC’s hard drive. With games that are more and more greedy in terms of the space required, but a weight that is not always announced, it becomes difficult to anticipate the smooth running of an installation.

Steam has found the solution by adding a function to check the exact space a game needs to install correctly.

How to install Steam in beta?

This option is currently accessible from the Steam beta, reports the site lifehacker. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it if you install this one on your PC. But be aware that this can also be done with some disappointments such as crashes for other reasons. The vagaries of beta versions…

  • Open Steam and sign in.
  • Go to menu Steam top left, then Settings/System/System.
  • If you are on macOS, click on the Steam icon to open the context menu or go to the top bar on Steam / Preferences… then Account.
  • Validate your participation in the Steam beta.
  • Restart the software.

Note that you can also go through the Big Picture option to register for the beta.

Will then appear on the game file in your library, next to the “Download” button, the space needed on your computer to install it. For games already installed, you will not have the information next to the “Play” button.

Space required for installation now appears on Steam beta

The space required for installation now appears on the beta version of Steam // Source: Frandroid

Safely save your games in Steam Cloud

The Steam beta brings another feature that may prove vital for some: improved cloud saving.

Sometimes the saves are not the same on your computer and on Steam. To prevent a conflict on your PC between different games from causing your progress to be lost and leaving you helpless, you can ensure that synchronization is activated from the settings Preferences Where System.

Source: Frandroid

Source: Frandroid

You will then see a small cloud appear on your game sheet. It will have an exclamation point and a yellow dot to alert you in the event of a mismatch between the Steam Cloud version and the one saved on your computer.

Source: Frandroid

Source: Frandroid

If an incompatibility is spotted, hover your mouse over the icon and click to resolve. The list of saved games then appears in order to know which version you want to save to solve the problem.

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