You can now play your Steam games on Xbox through GeForce Now

With support for GeForce Now in the Xbox Edge browser, gamers will now be able to access their Steam games remotely.

The Xbox ecosystem continues to evolve bit by bit. Today we learn that the GeForce Now streaming game service will soon be accessible from Microsoft’s console. This change now allows black and green console owners to play Steam games directly on their console.

For those new to GeForce Now, this is a platform that allows you to use your hardware remotely to stream your games to other devices. You can thus play it on platforms initially not supported like your smartphone, your tablet… and now the browser of the Xbox. But compared to competitors like Stadia, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to build a library remotely; just log into your Steam, Epic Games Store or whatever accounts, and you’re good to go.

At present, GeForce Now is one of the offers already rather provided in this ecosystem still in its infancy. Not all games are supported; but the catalog still includes more than 1000 with the paid offer, and 70 in the free version. In addition, the green team finally officially supports the native Edge browser for consoles. These two points are interesting for the players. Indeed, the GeForce Now service is free in its basic version (one hour per session, limited to 1080p).

Performance still quite limited

This allows Xbox gamers to enjoy their entire Steam library right on their console right now. It will even be possible to do so under good conditions; according to The Verge, the console’s Edge browser is perfectly compatible with the keyboard / mouse duo. On paper, it will therefore be possible to play games normally exclusive to PCs such as New World, Amazon’s MMORPG.

However, the latency will probably make playing some games very complicated. We think in particular of faster and more precise multiplayer games. like Counter Strike: Global offensive Where Dota 2 for example. An impression that seems to be confirmed by the few tests carried out by The Verge on Valve’s FPS.

As it stands, Edge support on Xbox is therefore more of a gadget than anything else. But it could still offer some interesting possibilities, while waiting for this service to develop. Because what should be remembered from this case is that GeForce Now continues to colonize more and more platforms, slowly but surely. We can therefore expect that this technology will become more and more solid over the months.

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