You can spend the night in a building that looks a lot like Squid Game!

You can spend the night in a building that looks a lot like Squid Game!

The incredible tracery that Squid Game participants must borrow to participate in the series’ deadly games does not exist in reality. On the other hand, one can find a building which closely resembles this astonishing structure. And you can even rent it on Airbnb!

Fans of Squid Game, and they are millions, would pay dearly to wander through the labyrinthine structure that allows players to go through the various sadistic events of the series. This place marks the mind with its bright colors and the childish aspect that emanates from it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Such a place does not exist in reality.

Secret lessons, but no sadistic games

If the inspiration for this extraordinary setting is obviously drawn from the surrealist paintings of Escher, fans also believe that the production knows the Muralla Roja, a building located in Calpe, Spain. The apartments are connected by a system of stairs and towers in pink and blue, colors and a structure that are reminiscent of those of Squid Game.

La Muralla Roja is the creation of Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. The building, built in 1973, contains secret courtyards, saunas, a swimming pool, terraces… But unfortunately no cruel game on the horizon! The production of Squid Game didn’t confirm that inspiration, but it’s hard not to see some commonalities with the series’ quirky stairs.

For true lovers of Squid Game, know that it is possible to stay in Muralla Roja: Aibnb indeed offers overnight stays in an apartment on site! It will surely become a destination of choice for anyone who wants to relive the thrill of the series.

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