you can’t do anything against this dreaded hacker

For the past few days, a particularly tough hacker has been raging on Elden Ring, but describes himself as a “necessary evil”.

You could not miss the phenomenon Elden Ring. Released on February 25, From Software’s game caused a sensation with critics, but also with players, for better or for worse. While some just manage to tame the demanding gameplay of the title, a terrible unexpected obstacle could suddenly stand in your way. This is a hacker, already well known to players of the latest Dark Souls.

Malcolm Reynolds is indeed a regular at From Software games, much to the chagrin of other players. For the past few days, he has been trying to infiltrate as many games as possible, with the aim of killing the host and banishing him from the game. A cruel step, which he explains with the tone of a misunderstood savior. To run your business on Elden Ringhe respects several steps that he explains meticulously.

First, he must succeed in infiltrating a lambda game, then he goes in search of the host in order to kill him with powerful spells, far too formidable to be countered. Once targeted, you have next to no chance unless you impersonate an NPC like a resourceful player did. But the spell doesn’t just disintegrate you. It also allows you to invest your inventory with an unlisted object, and therefore considered cheating. The result is therefore your banishment by From Software.

A hacker in a white cape who wishes you well?

Malcolm Reynolds, though his actions aren’t well received by gamers and developers alike, explains his move as an unconventional method of getting From Software’s attention. In an interview with Kotaku, he states that the anti-cheat system used by the game, Easy Anti-Cheat, is too unreliable and easily circumvented. He specifies :

The way in which one manages to circumvent Easy Anti-Cheat is another thing. I am a necessary evil. You might be wondering if getting caught is part of the plan, and yes it is. If I succeed, will the game die? I don’t think so, but maybe Bandai will fix it. It’s time to go mobile »

His end goal? Ensure that Bandai Namco, the publisher ofElden Ring, do a better job of preventing these incidents. If the intention is “praiseworthy”, are the methods disreputable.

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