you will soon be able to choose a username for your channel

YouTube is copying features from TikTok more and more regularly, but this time it could be a good thing. The Google-owned video platform introduces handles, a not-so-new way for site creators to uniquely identify themselves.

YouTube Handle

Over the years, YouTube has evolved from a simple video streaming service to a platform for creators and their communities. It is more important than ever for users of the platform to protect their identity and promote their channel, which is why a new feature will soon be able to address the identity theft issues that previously plagued the site.

This feature, called “Handles” (username), will allow YouTubers around the world to have a unique identifier on the site, similar to what has been done for years on other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. His arrival coincides with a new YouTube measure that could make access to 4K definition chargeable.

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Usernames on YouTube could simplify the platform

YouTube says these new handles should make it easier for viewers to find their next favorite creator. In effect, thanks to an “@” which will precede the username, Internet users will be able to tag creators very easily in comments or in posts, which will allow other users to quickly find their channels.

Unlike the channel name, the username will be entirely unique to each user. With this new feature, emerging channels on YouTube that do not have a custom URL or wish to have another one will be able to do so.

Although this new feature has started rolling out via YouTube Studio notifications and emails, creators should see it appear no later than November 14. As you can imagine, the most influential YouTubers will have the opportunity to make their handles first. For content creators on YouTube who have a custom URL, the corresponding username will be reserved for them, so that no one can steal from them. For those who want to know more about the feature or have questions, YouTube has posted an official FAQ on its website.

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