Young people are losing interest in Facebook

Facebook remains, by far, the first social network in the world, but the youngest users are losing interest in favor of Snapchat and especially, TikTok.

This is the study that should not please Mark Zuckerberg. The Pew Research Center has published a survey that confirms the growing disinterest of young people in Facebook. 32% of American teenagers surveyed by the institute claim to use the social network, compared to 71% in 2015. The level has therefore completely collapsed, and this is not the only bad news for the company.

Young people more interested in videos

Young Facebook users are overwhelmingly unengaged. Only 7% of them say they consult their newsfeed regularly. If this can reassure Facebook, teenagers are also turning away from Twitter (used by 23% of them, against 33% seven years ago) and Tumblr which is frequented by only 5% of young people (14% in 2015).

Facebook remains a social network for older users. 69% of American adults remain loyal to the social network. Nearly half connect to it several times a day, 7 out of 10 adults at least once a day. If this category of the population is the most popular with advertisers and advertisers, the loss of young people is a real problem because they could shun Facebook when they have passed adolescence.

This is why Facebook is desperately trying to copy its rivals, TikTok in the lead. The Chinese-origin video platform has become an obsession for 16% of American teenagers. 67% of them “sometimes” use TikTok, 86% check it once a day. YouTube also continues to be an essential meeting place for this population, 95% of teenagers use the Google service. Snapchat is still very popular with 59% of respondents using it.

These figures confirm, if need be, that young users are first consumers of videos, before the interactions that social networks allow. This explains the attempts to impose this type of content on Facebook and Instagram.

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