Young people are spending more and more time on the Internet

With a presence on social networks of more than 94%, young people are massively investing in online platforms.

The use of social networks is constantly on the rise, especially among young people. The international agency We Are Social and the Hootsuite platform today published their Digital Report 2022 study, which takes stock of the latest French trends related to web platforms. With 60.9 million Internet users in France and an average time of 5h34 hours online per day, France thus has 52.6 million social media usersor more than 80% of the total population.

With an average daily time of 1h46 spent on social networks (+5 minutes since last year), Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube remain in the Top 5 platforms most used by French Internet users between 16 and 64 years old. Just behind, we find in sixth place Snapchat, then TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest. Despite a dominant position on the international market, the Chinese social network is not yet at the top of French habits. This observation can no doubt be explained by their relatively high median age: 42.7 years.

TikTok, favorite of young people and Android

Young people and social networks are a complicated subject. Also, we will not dwell on users who are officially too young to have their own account. However, we note that from the age of 13, browsing habits are already well anchored in the habits of adolescents: among the youngest (13+), the use of social networks climbs to 94.4% of respondents. A figure necessarily linked to the emergence of new social platforms like TikTok. Among Android users in particular (all ages combined), the time spent on the TikTok application climbs to more than 21 hours monthly, against “only” 13 on Facebook and 12 for YouTube.

Do almost everything online

If our online presence is increasing, it is also because we are doing more and more things on the Internet. In addition to social networks, streaming television tends to become more popular (89% of respondents use it regularly), as well as online music (32.5%), or news media (53%). Online shopping has also become more democratic in France. Driven by covid-19, e-commerce now concerns 50% of 16-64 year oldsincluding 22% for grocery shopping.

Finally, the smartphone has also become the tool of choice for players, since it brings together 56.7% of French Internet users, against 35% on consoles, and 34.5% on computers.

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