Your immune system is said to be weak after taking the Pfizer vaccine

Although powerful, the vaccines against Covid-19 are not absolute panaceas against the disease. Recently, new data has shown a considerable drop in the body’s immunity after vaccination against the Coronavirus. At least this happens six months after the second dose. However, the consistency of the rate of decrease in each person remains to be analyzed.

According to new research in Japan, this is the vaccine Pfizer who would be responsible for this drop. However, there are risk factors associated with a considerable decrease in immunity after administration of Pfizer. To find out more, a team of scientists conducted a study on a few patients.

The level of antibodies in people with these factors is at the lowest. Furthermore, the women would be more likely to have their immunity reduced after being vaccinated.

Is age a risk factor linked to reduced immunity?

The study brought together 365 workers health workers vaccinated: 250 women and 115 men. Doctors and nurses represented 56.2% of the study population. The researchers then proceeded to measure the antibody level some participants.

Older people had a significantly lower amount of antibodies (almost half the amount seen in people around 20 years old). These results indicate that the antibody level decreases with increasing age.

The researchers considered that external variables could influence the results obtained and therefore adjusted the data. After re-analysis, it turned out that age was not a factor crucial to the decrease in immunity.

Smoking and sex are undeniable risk factors

Age is not the only risk factor identified. There is also the smoking and the sex. The assays made it possible to discover that there is a correspondence between the decrease in the level of antibodies and the degree of smoking. The immune system of heavy smokers and more weakened than that of non-smokers.

Regarding gender, the amount of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 decreased at a median rate of -29.4%. Women have experienced a faster rate of decline than men, 6.5%. The varying antibody level was 31.6% in women. In addition, the fairer sex seems more apt to have their immune system weakened after taking the Pfizer vaccine injection.

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