La fonction iMessages chez Apple

your iPhone may be sending read receipts without your knowledge

According to the Macworld site, a bug continues to affect the Messages service of iPhone and iPad. Even if you have deactivated the function so that they do not know it, the people you are talking to may still receive a read and receive notification of the messages they send you.

The iMessages function at Apple

The iMessages function at Apple // Source: Frandroid

“Did he / she receive my message?” Did he / she read it? “. It is the stress of a lot of people who send messages and do not get a response (immediate or not). And also the pressure which falls on the shoulders of the recipient who would not have answered immediately (ah the famous three point effect of the current answer…).

To overcome this problem, many users of Apple devices have chosen to deactivate the read receipt which sends the correspondent (who has an Apple device) a notification when reading the message (Distributed, then Read). Only, iOS 15 wouldn’t quite hear it that way.

A bug without solution for the moment

The site Macworld spotted a bug in some cases. Several users have thus sent acknowledgments of receipt while the function was deactivated on their device. Nothing serious fundamentally, unless you don’t want the other person to know that you have received and read their message. This would affect some iPhones and iPads running the latest operating system and possibly related to recent iOS 15.2 updates. On Mac, which also allows sending via the Messages application to iPhone, iPad or Mac, the problem would not have been noted.

The Read receipts option tells the other party that you have received and read their message.

The Read receipts option tells your interlocutor that you have received and read their message // Source: Frandroid

When you decide to turn off notification sending to a linked iCloud account, it affects all attached devices. When the bug occurs, it visibly reactivates the option on all your iPhone and iPad linked to the same account.

The problem does not seem to have any particular solution and it will most likely be necessary to wait for a next update of iOS 15. As Macworld notes, some users have been able to find their settings by restarting their device. Others don’t. And some may not even know it, since the recipient of their messages would have to tell them that it magically reappeared. Not sure he wants it to change afterwards …

How do I turn off read receipt?

On iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to Settings, then in Messages
  • Scroll down to Read receipts and deactivate the tab
  • Note that if you have not activated the iMessage for sending messages between Apple devices, you will actually not see the Read Receipts tab.

On Mac:

  • Launch Messages, then in the taskbar at the top, click Messages / Preferences
  • In the menu iMessages, uncheck the case Send read receipts
  • You must obviously have activated iMessage on iCloud to see the option appear.

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