your series become more immersive with this function

Netflix is ​​announcing the rollout of Spatial Audio for all users, not just iOS and tvOS devices. Available on popular series like Stranger Things, the option offers a more immersive experience.

Almost a year after introducing spatial audio to Apple devices, Netflix is ​​stepping up a gear. The platform deploys the feature for all of its users on a selection of compatible films and series. It uses Sennheiser’s AMBEO technology to improve stereo sound and deliver more immersive surround sound. Note that this is one of the first times since 2019 that the Los Gatos giant has improved the audio on its service.

Spatial audio for everyone

The good news is that this option is compatible with all devices, without specific equipment. No need to change your equipment to take advantage of it, nor to change the formula. Spatial audio comes to all subscribers and automatically turns on if you don’t have surround speakers; and you are watching a compatible TV series or movie.

On the other hand, Netflix recommends watching content in 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Atmos for those who have a more complete sound system.

What programs are involved?

The platform’s original programs are the first to support spatial audio. Netflix talks about compatibility with the fourth season of Stranger Things, as well as The Adam Project, Red Notice, The Witcher or Locke & Key. To consult the list of compatible titles, the platform invites you to enter “spatial audio” in the search bar.

How it works ?

Partner of Netflix, Sennheiser goes into more detail on the operation of its AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio technology. The specialist explains that his rendering tool translates the original immersive mixes into 2-channel audio to offer a “spatial experience” superior to stereo. Its development and deployment on Netflix is ​​justified by the fact that many users use standard stereo equipment. It can be the mobile, a tablet or a TV without surround installation.

spatial audio netflix
From standard stereo mix (left) to AMBEO full effect (right): re-recording mix creators can control and fine-tune spatialization at will. © Sennheiser

The solution therefore targets many subscribers and one of its strengths is that it does not require any prior adjustment.​“What sets the Sennheiser solution apart from the competition is that the AMBEO rendering respects the original mix, tonal balance and dialogue integrity, which is exactly what is sought for re-recording mixes”explains Renato Pellegrini of the AMBEO team.

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