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CD Projekt Red unveils a first teaser for the Phantom Liberty expansion DLC, which marks the return of Keanu Reeves.

Cyberpunk 2077 returns on all fronts for the greatest pleasure of the players. After correcting its old-gen versions, then releasing next-gen versions of its adventure game, CD Projekt is working to reveal more about the other projects, left in suspense for far too long. We are obviously talking about the expansion DLCs, which have been postponed for several years, since the first is now scheduled for 2023.

An exit window which is fast approaching, and which has just become rather concrete thanks to a first teaser. Just a minute long, it reveals the new environments and actions that players will be able to experience with Phantom Liberty. Check them out below.

The opportunity to bring out the game?

We are used to CD Projekt, it is better not to take this teaser at face value. Many fans were disappointed at the release of Cyberpunk 2077 when they found out that half of what they expected – after seeing it in the trailer – hadn’t made it into the final game. But we can still notice some interesting atmospheres and narrative elements.

The studio takes us to a whole new district of Night City, in which you will live an experience worthy of a real thriller. We don’t have details on the story itself, so we’ll have to wait for more information from CD Projekt. Surprise for fans, this DLC should sign the return of Keanu Reeves in the game, alias Johnny Silverhand. Everything is expected for 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

At the same time, CD Projekt also informs its players that a content update is now available. She comes to celebrate as it should be the upcoming release of the animated series Cyberpunk: Edge Runners on Netflix. Those who have already seen the trailers will recognize the main character’s jacket as well as a weapon directly inspired by the anime. Budding fashionistas will be happy to know that they can now change an outfit’s appearance without affecting its stats.

For the anime, Netflix gives us an appointment on September 13 on its platform to discover it exclusively. On our side, we can’t wait to see what it gives, especially after such promising trailers.

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