YouTube abandons the production of original content

YouTube announces the cessation of original productions on its platform, with the exception of YouTube Kids and Black Voices content.

In 2016, YouTube launched Originals running its Premium membership. A way for the platform to establish itself in the same sector as SVOD, which was growing rapidly at the time. Several productions thus see the light of day, like Scare PewDiePie whose first season was reportedly viewed by more than 250 million users. In France, too, a few series are arriving, such as Groom and Les Emmerdeurs, which will be entitled to two and one season respectively on the platform.

Cobra-Kai, now available on Netflix, was also among the original series made available to Premium subscribers. After two seasons, YouTube finally decided to hand over to Netflix, giving it the success it now has. An admission of failure that takes on a new dimension as the platform completely abandons the original production. Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer of YouTube, announces the departure of Susanne Daniels from the company’s workforce, she who was particularly invested in the YouTube Originals program. He explains in a press release: “These factors contributed to this decision to trim our list of YouTube Originals.”

YouTube Kids and Black Voices saved

Nevertheless, some divisions should survive this change of direction. This is the case of Black Voices Fund, created in 2020 after the death of George Floyd in the United States and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Google had thus invested no less than $100 million in content created by black artists. The firm’s efforts will now also focus on YouTube Kids, which offers educational programs for young users.

YouTube specifies that its teams will support content creators who had several projects on the go. Original programs were announced last year, starting with two series with Will Smith and Alicia Keys. “We will honor our commitment for shows already under contract and creators who are involved in these shows should hear from us in the coming days.”

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