YouTube adopts radical solution to tackle harassment

YouTube is abandoning dislike counters to fight harassment and protect its content creators.

On the Internet, and more particularly on social networks, likes were created with a single goal: to share support with other Internet users. This little shot of dopamine allows them to gain recognition from their peers on platforms and to push creators to put their ideas at the service of a community. On Youtube, they quickly established themselves as an indicator of popularity, and allow the algorithm to determine which videos are most likely to appeal to users.

If this process has proved its worth, its more negative side is destined to disappear. Indeed, YouTube announced this Wednesday, November 10 the final stop of dislike counters, those little thumbs down that drive content creators crazy. The button remains but the counter will only be visible to the creator of the video concerned. In a press release, the firm explains that it has carried out a test on certain users by removing the “I don’t like” counter. The goal was to find out if its absence impacted the number of dislikes on a video.

Avoid mass harassment

The objective of Youtube is clear: fight against the harassment campaigns that are carried out against certain creators. “With this approach, we saw a decrease in the number of users who clicked ‘dislike’ just for the purpose of attacking videographers. ”

While the implementation of this new system will be gradual, YouTube obviously does not intend to go back. The Google subsidiary has also been very clear on this subject.

“During the test, some of you indicated that you use the dislike number of a video to decide whether or not to watch it. So you may not agree with this measure, but we believe it is necessary to improve our platform. ”

The platform nevertheless recalls that this information will be accessible to all creators via the YouTube Studio. They will be able to find the number of thumbs down that have been attributed to each video in the middle of their statistics, and thus take into account the opinion of their community.

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