YouTube finally improves its mobile interface, what does that change?

The platform has just rolled out an update aimed at improving the user experience on iOS and Android. It was time.

It was time. Established on our smartphones and in our habits for more than fifteen years, YouTube had never really changed its mobile interface since time. To the point that on iOS and Android, it was necessary to leave a full-screen video to comment, like or dislike, but also simply access the share and add to playlist buttons. A waste of time that the company has finally decided to tackle. Spotted by The Vergethe mobile app now has an additional context bar, which is displayed when full-screen view is active.

With a gradual rollout confirmed by a company spokesperson, this new command bar should quickly make its arrival on all smartphones compatible. Concretely, it already promises to save us precious time, by allowing comments and interactions without having to leave the video. The comment tab will thus be displayed in superimposed display, in order to be able to read the reactions of the viewers while continuing to read. Note that the option could also be of interest during the lives, by allowing the community to comment directly from their smartphone. At the moment, we do not have access to this option.

YouTube wants more interactions

By putting the reactions back in the spotlight, YouTube hopes to boost the number of interactions the public has with the videos posted on its platform. It remains to be seen whether the fact of facilitating likes will not bring with it the resurgence of dislikes, yet subject to debate within the company. Recall that last year, the Google subsidiary officially removed the dislike counter, with the aim of avoiding harassment induced by mass effects.

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