YouTube finally lets you zoom in videos on smartphones

YouTube is getting a makeover. The new look includes improved playback options, a better mechanism for browsing videos, and the ability to pinch and zoom in videos.


Shortly after its 17th anniversary earlier this year, the popular YouTube video streaming service is getting several new features, as well as a new look that adds a really cool effect when watching videos. The goal of the new design is to retain as much color and vibrancy as possible without detracting from the experience.

So YouTube came up with what it calls “ambient mode,” a design it tested with a select beta group and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This new “ambient mode” uses dynamic color sampling, which adds a subtle effect to the background of the application based on the colors of the video. This feature is inspired by Ambilight-type televisions, which allow dynamic hues to be diffused all around the screen.

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You can now zoom in smartphone videos

Google has also rolled out a new pinch-to-zoom feature to its YouTube app on mobile, which works like you’re in Google Photos. Just pinch the video screen to start zooming.

TikTok, considered YouTube’s current big rival, already has a pinch-to-zoom feature which you can use to pause the video and read text or take a closer look at faces in the background. Its arrival on YouTube is therefore not really a surprise, since the Google platform has been copying its rival for years now.

Users will also have access to precise desktop and mobile search, and will be able to “ swipe or swipe up while seeking to view a row of thumbnails in the video player “.

Finally, the thumbs up/down, Share, Download, Save and Subscribe buttons will now be found in compact pills. These will also be more contrasting, and YouTube thinks they will be ” easier to find and much more accessible », even if the “subscribe” button is no longer red. We also learn that YouTube links in video descriptions will turn into buttons. Luckily for everyone on the internet, Google has permanently ended its trial of making 4K videos exclusive to paying subscribers.

YouTube Ambient Mode

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