YouTube gets a new redesigned video player on Android and iOS

The YouTube app on iOS and Android is getting a makeover. Google is rolling out an update that brings a new video player with a modernized design to its YouTube app.


The YouTube app on Android and iOS seems to have received a new video player interface with all the key elements in full-screen mode. The new interface allows users to like, dislike, comment on a video and share it more easily. This is therefore good news for the application, which is used more by children to watch content than traditional TV.

It seems like the update is deployed server-side, that is, this change should arrive automatically on your smartphone within the next few days. You won’t have to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the new version. In writing, some of our phones have already received the new interface, while others are still content with the previous version. It has therefore not yet been deployed for all, but it should be the case by next week.

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What changes in fullscreen mode?

In particular, there are “Like” and “Dislike” buttons at the bottom left, as well as “Comments”, “Save to Reading List” and “Share” buttons. On the right side, we can now see a “More Videos” tab that displays recommended content. Previously, as can be seen below, the videos were displayed directly below the video you are watching. From now on, you will have to click on this new menu to display all the recommended videos.

All buttons work as on the previous generation, with the exception of the “comments” button. Indeed, when you press the “comments” button, the comments section is displayed on the right side of your video. You can also write a new comment while continuing to watch the video.

YouTube has also replaced the button to access settings in the top right. Until now, this one used a design with three points, but it now takes the form of a cog. The button still provides access to settings such as video quality, subtitles or playback speed.

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