YouTube is testing the pinch-to-zoom option on videos

YouTube has a new test that lets users zoom in on a video that’s playing using their fingers. It even works with the smartphone in landscape mode, although it is mainly intended for use in portrait mode.

YouTube app icon

The new feature is a bit different from what has been available for everyone for a long time, which is to fill the screen in landscape mode. Rather than filling the screen, the pinch-to-zoom feature lets you use two fingers to zoom in the video player. Once this is done, it is possible to move around and watch parts of the video more closely. This feature seems to have been designed specifically for portrait mode.


The test to zoom in on videos is currently reserved for members with YouTube Premium. This paid subscription offers a few things, including no ads, the ability to play video in the background, and more. The test is offered until September 1.

When can we expect this system to be available to everyone? It will probably be in a few months, for free. However, it is difficult to give a precise exit window. Can we expect it before the end of 2022? Response within the next few months.

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