YouTube Music is testing a dynamic queue

Algorithms are sometimes not the most reliable advisers in musical matters. If they happen to get it right more than once, there are sometimes misses! The YouTube Music application wants to give more space to the user and his sometimes contradictory choices.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the YouTube Music playlists or in your library, the best way to listen to music in the Google application is still to launch a radio from a title, or simply to start a song. The service will then manage to add songs one after the other, depending on the original song and the tastes of the user.

A less fixed playlist

Even if the algorithm knows the preferences of the user, it can happen to the latter to want to listen to something completely different, or to jump from one genre to another. It is always possible to select another song and then create a new radio from this song, but the selection procedure can be long.

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That’s why YouTube is currently testing a new “Dynamic queue” option. Appeared among some service subscribers, especially on iPhone and the web client, this function is based on listening habits to modify the queue or the radio. The instructions for use are simple: the list will change as soon as the user moves on to the next song when the reading of the title in question has not yet reached halfway.

From early reports, the playlist features a previously liked or played song. Little or no risk of making a mistake, but we will have to see if this dynamic queue is relevant or not. This is not the first time that Google has experimented with new ways to use the YouTube Music queue, for example there was a system of filters which a priori did not appeal.

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